I think I’m turning into a vampire

Deflated Rose

A need to consume anything dark, bloody, cardinal
cherries, blackberries, blueberries, bloodberries,
Merlot.  Beetroot.
drawn to the shadier shades of life-juice.

My heart gave a leap over ruby-wet boots,
saw them hanging there dripping scarlet laces,
now they’re moulded to my limbs.

I can’t leave the house without
deep red lips and blackened eyes
why is my skin paling with each winter day?

I realise I’m turning into a creature of the night
hungry for immortality
soul-haunted and spirit-thirsty

Crimson rich wine nourishes
makes fuzzy the edges of my consciousness
as I make merry with other vampires I meet in passing

Providing a momentary solace
until dawn breaks and I lurch back to my crypt
to sleep a peaceful dreamless sleep
until my vampiric self stirs awake again.

© N Nazir 2015