Wulf, biro on notebook paper, © N. Nazir 2016

I was delighted to find an accidental drawing in my bag the other day caused by a pen rubbing against my notepad.  I’d like to think it resembles a wolf running at full pelt or a canine creature of some kind. Why do I feel like it’s a she-wolf? You may call it a scribble of no consequence.  I call it intuitive dada-ism.

© N Nazir 2016

Biro Drawings

Biro drawing on watercolour paper of Pipilotti Rist film still © NN 2016

So I’ve been drawing a lot lately.  I’ve been rusty of late so I’m trying to brush up on my technique.  I’m always trying to surpass my last drawing.  Not having a space to paint I’ve taken to drawing with biro.  The devil is in the detail.  The fine ball point allows you to fill in the tiniest nuances, and you can create different gradations of depth depending on the pressure or repetition of marks you apply.  And then you get this gorgeous vivid inky hue, as strong as paint.  You can experiment with a variety of techniques; you can go photorealist or just shy of that, giving your images a grainy photographic effect, or you can cross hatch to your hearts content for more scribbly, gestural drawing. I get through them like anything.  The humble biro is mighty.

© N Nazir 2016