No. 13 Baby

I love the conversation between the bass and the guitar in this song.  The bass says, listen to me, I’m the voice of reason, I’m talking sense.  And the guitar says, you don’t know what you’re talking about, this is what I’m talking about.  And the bass replies, I hear what you’re saying but my way is still better, you need to be calm and steady like me.  And the guitar replies, NO, listen to this, I’m going to make your heart sing.  And the bass tries to argue but the guitar drowns it out and bellows fuck you, you’re wrong, I’ll make everyone listen to me and rebels and plays a heartaching riff and the bass is moved but pretends it isn’t and says fair enough, I get your point but you still need me.  But the guitar doesn’t listen and plays its relentless heartaching riff that goes on and on and off into the space-time continuum and the bass gives in and has no more words because the guitar has won.

© N Nazir 2016