I trust because…

just because
there exists this mysterious thing called love
that melts the iciest grudge into a lake of forgiveness.
Sometimes you know things and you don’t know how you know
you just know.
The other day scientists made a blind woman see again.
No one can explain how we came to be here,
people expound theories but no one really knows
mystery is rife and history is our checking-in system
and we are still here, suffering though we are.
Beauty, hope, passion and art still make the world go round
so I trust because
just because.

© N Nazir 2016

One thought on “I trust because…

  1. I saw your post on First Friday, am very happy that I checked your blog out. This is the exact kind of reading I am searching for while I journey into a deep healing. Your words are soothing, your tone uplifting and it makes me want to read more…

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