The Sacred and the Profane

I was thinking this morning about how the sacred and the profane become each other.  One has to know the other to truly become the one they are.  Through tasting it, one may permanently and palpably become more other, or revert back to their original beingness and more powerfully so, for having lived the Other’s world before returning to their truth.

So an angel may fall, a devil may rise.  The angel may rise again, the devil may fall again.

I already knew this in words, but this time it occurred to me tangibly, I felt it as a visceral truth.  I instinctively feel that this world is governed by divine rules and I’d love to know what they actually are.

However, there are a million forms of otherness within the sacred and the profane.  And we all exist somewhere in the spectrum between.  

Spiritual Grace II.jpg
Spiritual Grace II, Mixed Media on Canvas, © N Nazir 2009

© N Nazir 2017