Stream of Consciousness III

I swarm into the undergrowth and hunt with stealth though I know not what I am, I’m crawling on underbelly and I can taste all the smells in the air. I’m a she-thing and I’m hungry, maybe I’m a swamp thing, in muddy shades of green, perfectly camouflaged, effortlessly predatory. Vibrations stir my shackles and I feel thrills at imminent kill and bodily relish.

I’m a thing that contains human emotions so giant I wonder how they are contained so well in this compact little frame, so many nerve endings tassellate this way and that, stirred by the wind of others impulse, inertia makes me wait for the right moment to act, calm for the right thoughts to guide. Wind soothing, wet earth smell so good and clean, like a hearty mud bath. Wilful design, elegant remains, pretty flowers growing out of my belly like a South American goddess in a shrine, beholden. She is inert but she sends the wind to do her bidding and sings a soft song like electricity to the mountains whose gulls send her message further on across the water and along sun rays, and there’s no need to move when all is one and everything stirs smiling with the same knowledge.

Bring me the I Ching and with great willing I’ll sing the song of the ancients, the elephants, elephant song, it’s been so long, a long song, a belong song, a strong gong song, not tired, just waiting, millennia in the blink of an eye, a full breath, excited gasp, lifetimes spinning, illuminated in the starscape that waits for another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another….until all are one constellation.

Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse, (c) N. Nazir, Digital Photograph, 2019

(c) N. Nazir 2019

Where is my Paint?

I want my paint back
paint, please, back, back
all the relentless colours
gold to fill in the cracks
and create a new world
awash with freedom
and tides that crash over me in hugs
to calm a soul full of tsunamis.

Untitled (Liverpool Port), Untouched Digital Photograph, N. Nazir, 2019

(c) N Nazir