Wildfires & Monsoons

Would it were possible to slow the
Irrevocable deterioration of our
Lush landscapes, once bountiful, now
Desolate, dry, devoured by
Feral flames, fearing nothing
Inevitably ill-begotten by our collective
Rampant desire to live well on this
Ever-giving earth, how it selflessly
Suffers, sacrificing its soul.

More rain than can be contained
Overflows, downpours in deluge, still
Not relenting, torrents swooshing through
Streets, dislocating, displacing, dismantling
One and all in its tireless purpose to
Obliterate humble dwellings, ravage lives
Nature rebelling, having its way, holding
Sway against man’s struggle to survive.

My thoughts are with everyone caught up in America’s wildfires and Pakistan’s monsoons, with prayers for this delicate planet, for the desire of living not yet done and such little time to turn the tide in our favour.

Acrostic ♯33 & ♯34

© N. Nazir 2020