Rain-damp Autumn Blues

Untitled, digital photograph, © N. Nazir 2018

Rain-damp autumn nights
closing in, shadows looming
large, embracing me

Antidote to blues-
go for a walk, don headphones
play music loud, LOUD

keep walking come rain
wind, hail, snow, thunder, tempest
biting skin, holding

me in the moment
sharpening senses, beauty
in the bleak. Shake off

the blues, for I am
fortunate to have shelter
lucky to exist

to have my able
sweet limbs, my handful of kin
my refuge of books

keep moving briskly
till sadness dissipates though
it hangs over the

city like a cloud
until the rain finally
chases it away.

Untitled, digital photograph, © N. Nazir 2020

Haiku Sequence ♯19

© N. Nazir 2020

2 thoughts on “Rain-damp Autumn Blues

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