Alpha + Omega

Ardently, you insist on
Bugging me with the
Chinks in your armour, not without
Drama. You pinpoint me with your
Eyes, sometimes strong, sometimes
Flailing. I won’t tell you how
Glad it makes me to
Humour your ostensible
Idiosyncrasies. Still, I
Jump at the chance to flee for you are too
Keenly observing my every
Little lingering
Move, unnervingly, unblinkingly
Narrowing your eyes as you
Open your mind to the infinite
Possibilities of this moment that courts us.
Querolous currents run
Riot under your skin, my
Skin. I have to
Turn away. Your gaze burns the
Undulating curve of my neck to shoulder, so
Viscerally there,
Waking up my raw inner selves, more
X-rated than I first imagined.
You say yes far too quickly.
Zen-like, after a pause…I do too.

Acrostic #59

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

© N. Nazir 2021

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