This Poem is an Only Child

What does it mean to be solitudinarian?
How do loners learn to lone?

Is it diamond solitaire, your precious time?
Are you lonesome tonight?

Is the lone wolf still a pack animal?
Or black sheep for going its own way?

Does the hermit suffer being unable 
to share his lightbulb moments?

Reclusing in his cave exclusively.
(Maybe he resides in a tree).

I, Hans Solo, seek solitude
for it is here that I find plenitude.

Unique, single, whole, complete. 
Full like moon, sole like earth

Brimmed like sea
one entity.

© N. Nazir 2021

Photo by David Besh on

Written for Sammi Scribbles weekend writing prompt: Solitudinarian, 90 words

17 thoughts on “This Poem is an Only Child

      1. How can I spend the early hours of the morning reading through your inquisitive, inclusive, pronouncing, perplexing, imaginative and thought-provoking verse when each of hour poems does exactly that? It is cold, I should be trying to nap a bit, as must be moving soon, but I thought I would give myself a treat with your poetry, the trouble is each one provokes such thought…and of course admiration, all the more on cold mornings outside before dawn…I really do appreciate your poetry, your words have far longer reach that many others, so thanks..!

        Liked by 1 person

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