A French Poem

Prompt: L’amour est une oiseau rebelle (Love is a wild bird)

Prompt: L’amour est une oiseau rebelle (Love is a wild bird).
Inspired by the famous and most wonderful song from the opera, Carmen.

L’amour est un oiseau rebelle
L’amour est une chat noir errant
L’amour est un message dans une bouteille livrée
L’amour est une coccinelle marchant doucement
L’amour est une lotus brillant dans un marais 
L’amour est le carquois dans la flèche
L’amour est une tempête qui reste même après qu’il est passé
L’amour vous ébranlera comme vous le vouliez
L’amour est un jeu pour les dieux et les imbéciles
L’amour vous écrasera et vous élèvera
L’amour vous choisit, pas vous il
L’amour est aussi pour les astronautes solitaires
L’amour jouera à cache-cache puis rirea dans votre visage
L’amour est votre perte et votre fabrication
L’amour est le régal que vous ne vous attendiez pas
mais que sais-je de l’amour?
Je suis un imbécile comme tout le monde.

© N. Nazir 2021

I set myself the challenge of writing a poem in another language and decided to test my questionable schoolgirl French.

Of course, I used translate to help me. The challenge was in trying to create elements of rhyme in another language.

Anyway, it was my first attempt, so please forgive its naïveté.

Here is the English translation for you:

Love is a wild bird
Love is a black cat roaming  
Love is a message in a bottle delivered  
Love is a ladybird sweetly walking
Love is a shining lotus in a swamp  
Love is the quiver in the arrow
Love is a storm that remains even after it has passed
Love will shake you the way you wanted
Love is a game for gods and fools
Love will crush you and lift you up
Love chooses you, not you it
Love is for loner astronauts too
Love will play hide and seek then laugh in your face
Love is your undoing and your making
Love is the treat you didn’t expect
But what do I know about love?
I’m a fool like everyone else.

© N. Nazir 2021

Sprung, digital photograph, © N. Nazir 2019

19 thoughts on “A French Poem

    1. 💛 I’m not sure what message I was giving out, Nicole! 😄 It ended up being more a list poem of images than actual sentiments.

      It would have to be an air kiss from a safe distance to keep the lurgy at bay! 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously, I barely do! I happened to watch this Carmen song on youtube and thought it would be fun. It ended up being arduous. I was inspired by other French poets on WP.

      Hope you are well, my good fellow 🙂


      1. I hope you feel better soon. The offer still stands. I don’t always give the best advice but I do tell the worst jokes. So that’s not actually very helpful 😄 Anyway, I’ll leave it there. Take care of yourself and stay strong ☀️ Every cloud… 🌥

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