If Music be the Food of Love Play on…

Image by Maria Victoria Rodriguez

There are picture postcard moments life deals you
why fight them? You’ve just been gifted.
The problem lies in not knowing how to receive.

Crusty bread and ion-rich wine and being serenaded
by red-blooded men in an open stretch of field
in the deep Mediterranean south…

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© N Nazir 2021

*Thank you so much to Visual Verse for publishing my poem ❤

I didn’t even realise they had until a fellow blogger pointed it out to me.

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A Proverbial Poem

Photo by Elias Tigiser on Pexels.com

The early bird catches the worm
which means one thing for you, Worm.

Learn from the mistake your friend made
and get up late.

Become nocturnal
stay underground
stop wriggling around.

They’re so pecky and beaky
of course they’ll swipe you
the second you nose your way out of the dirt.

I know you like the rain
but the birds like you more

so do yourself a favour.
Sleep in, it’s safer.

* * *

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

but why’s it someone’s got to come along and try?

Cause they insist there’s a better version 

to the perfectly working adequate thing

some fault-finder, some perfectionist

who’s got nothing better to do

than tinker around and make a new whatsit

cause they had an idea and they’re so clever

and lo and behold two hours later 

it is broke and they can’t fix it

thanks a bunch! Buttmunch.

© N Nazir 2021

Written for Tuesday’s dVerse Poetry Prompt hosted by Merril D Smith: choose a proverb and use it as a prompt for a poem.

*I took a little hiatus from my blog. Work and life got in the way. I probably should have mentioned it, it would have been good blogger’s etiquette. My bad. By the time it occurred to me, it seemed a bit late to. Apologies. To anyone who noticed and cared. Anyway, I look forward to catching up on your stuff ❤

An Oceanic Poem

Whale, (Sketchbook 2020), acrylic & biro on watercolour paper, © N Nazir 2021

She-whale, do I know you?
Why do you keep calling me?
I only know that I love you
and I hear your song in my dreams.

You cruise the planet with ease
bend particles
make fool of gravity
as you flip over and over
your mysteries 
unknown to my species.

If I tether my soul to yours
would you take me on a trip 
to the underworld
a pleasure spree of adventure?
When you call
I feel myself slipping under…

“Whales in the sea, God’s voice obey.” – N. E. Primer (Moby Dick, Herman Melville)

© N Nazir 2021

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