If Music be the Food of Love Play on…

Image by Maria Victoria Rodriguez

There are picture postcard moments life deals you
why fight them? You’ve just been gifted.
The problem lies in not knowing how to receive.

Crusty bread and ion-rich wine and being serenaded
by red-blooded men in an open stretch of field
in the deep Mediterranean south…

…you can read the rest of the poem here.

© N Nazir 2021

*Thank you so much to Visual Verse for publishing my poem ❤

I didn’t even realise they had until a fellow blogger pointed it out to me.

You can also read all other entries above or visit visualverse.org

33 thoughts on “If Music be the Food of Love Play on…

    1. Mesmerising, yes, and blissful, too…everytime I think I have read poetry at its finest along comes another of your verses, but this one is wonderful. Exquisite writing Sunra, exquisite.

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      1. I know! There are so many great writers, of course you can’t always make it on the page. So it’s lovely when it happens and worth continuing. Thanks and you too! Keep writing and experimenting. I look forward to catching up on your stuff! 💕

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  1. Oooo, what a lovely lovely contribution. ❤ The picture is painted but you add it body and range and dimensions and life. I've been featured on Visual Verse three times, I think, and each time was like the best present. I didn't see this image in time to write for it. You did so well that I don't even wish to read anybody else's.

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    1. Oh Manja, thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it. Three times?! That’s awesome, I must check those out – are they under the name of your current blog? I shall enjoy searching those out! Yes, I’m not crazy about the artwork they choose but it makes it more of a challenge.

      And you would know Italy, of course! I’ve only traipsed around the North of it plus a trip to Rome once. I must make it further down the boot at some point 🙂

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      1. Manja, they were brilliant! My favourite was Zigeurin, it was both moving but with a grim irony. Not Guilty too was sensitively observed and I could imagine you as the photographer. The image was wonderful, I’d have loved to have written for it. Paint My Portrait was a fun cheeky response and The Precondition was rather enigmatic but with dark undertones. Well done!👌☀️

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      2. Do you know I read it so long ago, like in my teens, that I just don’t remember that reference! I’ll have to check it out 😄 Though I don’t mind that it didn’t make sense, it had its own sense so was spooky because of that. But knowing the ref will lighten the meaning, I’m sure! 😊

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  2. Replying — well this is such a good piece, shades of Hemmingway to it somehow, or classical French, or Italian films, but bursting with feelings. I saw other comments scrolling down: remember JK Rowling was rejected by 27 publishers with Her Harry Potter. Small publishing newsletters are even worse. Your poetry is unique, that is what is special. I like unique food …though those Mc Donalds of writing like to publish the same stuff again and again, it makes them feel comfirtable. Your poetry is SO special it can be intimidating. I think you should self-publish a poetry book, but do it with a team — really. Just to get it all together in the best possible way. Use someone to help choose which poems, to edit, to chat about lay-out and crucially to include short pieces about the poems sometimes. That is fascinating, and different. Anyway, just ideas. On Medium.com there are monthly collections of poetry and prose publishing opportunities highlighted worldwide. I will find the link and send.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments and sharing your thoughts with me, Ain. I’d love to put together some kind of collection at some point. I have submitted a couple in the past and they were rejected but I kind of expected that. But it’s encouraging to hear you say such promising things about my work so I appreciate that 🥰


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