As One, We Heave

We can always sense the storm coming.

We flee indoors minutes before.
Our hive mind electric just knows. 
The vibration sings
through the particles that govern us. 

We know exactly when to escape.
We are programmed this way. 
Each of us a tiny marching brain cell. 

You could never understand our language.
It is beyond telepathy. 

We don’t bite. 
We can. 
But often, we don’t. 
Having said that,
you wouldn’t want to meet our Australian cousins.
Now they’re rough,
always spoiling for a fight.
They need no provocation.
Toothed, venomous and mighty.
Avoid at all costs.

In general, though, we’re a nice bunch.

We move as one dark swathe of blanket
along walls, when the heavens pelt outside.

Sometimes, at the pinnacle of summer heat
after a luscious bounty of rain
we grow full-bodied
sprout wings
ready, willing, hunting
with only one thought in our tiny minds
our one big super mind.

Our nuptial flight.
Our amorous swarm.
You must suffer us,
it’s the only way we can spawn.

The queen – for there is always a queen –
is the egg woman. 
We are hatchlings of instinct.
You could say we are made of pure instinct.

You cannot imagine the strength of us.
Don’t bother.
You could not conceive it.

Still, we are a good omen
for those who labour.
For the sweat of hard work
will burn you pure
and bear the fruit you deserve
for the relentless machine
that you are.

© N Nazir 2021

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Written for dVerse Poetry Prompt: Creepies and Crawlies, hosted by Sarah.

You can read another insect-inspired poem I wrote here.

40 thoughts on “As One, We Heave

  1. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Bees “R” Us indeed, a lovely tribute, with clever word-smithing like “for the sweat of hard work will burn you pure”. Who would have ever thought 70 years ago that the ever present bees would be in danger of extinction–as are we all it seems.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Glenn! It’s actually about ants as their collective noun is ‘hive’ and their collective intelligence is referred to as the ‘hive mind.’ But bees are indeed incredibly special and very close to my heart. Hopefully, we can move them off the endangered list at some point 🙂


  2. fireblossom32

    Oh my, I just adore this from start to finish. I would quote lines back but there are too many so I’ll settle for one favorite–“each of us a tiny marching brain cell”. The fact that you don;t reveal who is speaking makes it even better, allowing your reader to come slowly to recognition.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh thank you, Punam! How kind of you! ❤ Yes, I don't think they are but they are bigger than their English relatives and could probably give you a little nip 😀

      Do you ever get a Flying Ant Day like we do here? It's a right nightmare when it happens! You can never get the bleeders out of your hair! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sunra,
    Loved this witty introduction by an ant to its colony’s ordered way of life. This stanza stood out for its courteous humor:
    “Our nuptial flight.
    Our amorous swarm.
    You must suffer us,
    it’s the only way we can spawn.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaah thanks Bernie! You’re most kind! It’s not talent, I just love nature programmes and animals in general! Then I chuck what I know into a poem. Thank you ☀️😘

      dVerse do loads of poetry challenges. You should try one some time! It can really stretch your writing in new ways. 😊 You might enjoy it 💕


      1. Yes but you do it so well and you’re a great poet 👏… I must check out dVerse as I see people using it.. I tried and posted a Villanelle last week and the headache I had after 🤯.. But it was a great challenge. It’s good learning about different forms

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve never done a villanelle, I ought to try it! I’ll check yours out shortly 😊

        Yeah if you check the website they set poetry challenges a few times a week. I always enjoy learning a new form ☀️☀️


    1. Thanks so much, calmkate!! Oh brilliant! 😂 Really?! Is that where you are, Australia? Fabulous. Obviously not if you’re near the feral ants. According to my research, they are the deadliest, closely followed by the African ones, though there seems to be more instances of people surviving the African ants’ bites. Definitely don’t want those in your pants 😂👖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol yes I’m in Aus but never heard of anyone dying of ant bites … I am allergic and they are vicious so there is pain and itch but nothing fatal … we have spiders, snakes and sharks for that, oh my goodness they all start with ssss 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oooh, interesting. Perhaps it depends on the quantity of them? I’d prefer to think they’re not fatal so I’m glad you’ve said that! You do have all the best beasts! 😂

        Thanks Kate! Wishing you a great evening 😊👌☀️

        Liked by 1 person

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