Recipe for Keeping Good House…#Free Verse Revolution Publication

First make sure the way is clear to the path to your door. Remove all the stones, unless they’re pleasingly oblong, but never on a blue moon night.

Let the weeds grow wild and behead all the pansies (to keep the jinn away). Allow the black cats free roam to encircle your home for they bring messages from those passed over on nights such as this . . .

You can read the rest of this piece by downloading a copy of Free Verse Revolution Issue III: Hestia (hearth & home).

I’m so delighted to have two of my prose pieces featured in it! The other one is entitled The In-between Places. (You’ll find me on pages 173-176).

Thank you so much to Kristiana Reed for giving them a home amongst other great scribes. After receiving more than my fair share of rejections, it’s truly heartwarming to finally receive a few acceptances. They’re like men and buses. Or pens that roll under the bed. Magpies in pairs and all the missing socks finally turning up again. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked. Hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

23 thoughts on “Recipe for Keeping Good House…#Free Verse Revolution Publication

      1. Thank you, amiga, that means a lot. You’re right, your home reflects the greater you. Though I’ve stayed in lots of in-between houses and ended up moving constantly so places never quite felt like home long enough. I’ve yet to find my true home, I think. Sometimes, certain people feel like home though, know what I mean?

        Wishing you a lovely Sunday ☀️💛☀️

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      2. OMG, me too! I think about 20 times, thereabouts! Weird. 😂 I too have a great capacity for adapting now because of it. You end up feeling more comfortable in motion or in the midst of travelling, don’t you? That’s the trick, I suppose, to try and feel at home anywhere, at home in your own skin. Even if only for a few moments.

        I’m glad you understand. And I’m glad you’re finally getting there amiga 😘 💕

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  1. Ahh, this is marvellous, especially the second piece.

    “Send love from afar mysteriously to people who don’t deserve it. And
    to people who do. Exhaust yourself with loving. But only in secret.
    It’s good for your skin.”

    It’s what we do, isn’t it? And cleaning house top to bottom? Even if you don’t feel better later, the house is clean. I must remember this. Thank you.

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    1. Aaaah thanks Manja! I appreciate that! Especially when it has your seal of approval 😊. The recipe one was originally a poem but I turned it into a longer prose. It sort of ran away with itself. It got rejected before elsewhere so I’m glad I finally got it into print.

      Yes, cleaning the house does do something to one’s psyche. And houses sort of have their own characters, don’t you think? Or lack of. Thanks so much for reading and letting me know your gems of thoughts ❤️

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