This Poem Needs Tuning

My little finger strains to meet
the string two frets away.

Some chords will never be played.
I have been a novice at this for years.

I concede it is not my gift given, only
an ever-straining desire of the muscles

and that’s okay.  There’s no time
to do everything after all.

And sometimes
winning is a hollow thing.

© N Nazir 2021

9 thoughts on “This Poem Needs Tuning

  1. Ahh, power to the little finger! I remember the blisters and that weird F move. Oh, I finished the book! And even better – it is translated into Slovenian and available in the library near my parents. They will love it, especially dad who is a sucker for Intelligence. 😀

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    1. Gosh, you read that quickly. It’s surprisingly good, isn’t it? 😄 I couldn’t put it down either. I even found myself fancying the main character toward the end, he was quite swashbuckling! Though the tunnel vision view of Islam throughout was a bit off-putting.

      I have a suspicion the writer was hoping some Hollywood director would sit up and notice and turn it into a film as it reads quite filmically imo. No doubt your dad will enjoy it!

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