The Zen of Dressmaking (iii)

It’s hard to get the hang
right on an empire line.

Pin the skirt a tad higher,
the waist is too low –

it needs plenty of swish
just above the knee.

V-neck or bateau?
Maybe a lace back reveal

running down the centre.
Cap sleeve or mid-length?

But the most important question to ask –
pockets or no pockets? 

Well, perhaps just a sneaky one
at the hip.  For my flask.

© N Nazir 2021

Written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Empire, 70 words

*a lace back reveal only to the waist, I might add.

*this is not true. I’m actually making a skater skirt. I have yet to make such a dress.

*I don’t actually drink unless with people. I just love the idea of having a hip flask about one’s person. You know, just to get through the stress of life. Or for medicinal purposes, snakebites, that sort of thing.

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