A Poem for Lunatics (ii)

Moon, Erasure Poem #40, watercolour & gel pens on paper, Sketchbooks 2021, © N. Nazir 2021

Moonlight watched time
alter the darkness.

The world experienced death
as though it was something

with no moon as witness.
The universe asks questions

of you. Who are you?
Do you feel

the blossoming insistence
of stars?

 © N. Nazir 2021

*This one’s pretty messy. I used Tippex to link the words and cover up the text and it got cloggy and rough around the edges, moreso when I tried to paint over it. Not easy to read either. Labyrinthine, even. I created it very quickly in response to a “moon” prompt a couple of months ago, and you can tell!

*And Debussy’s Clair de Lune. Just because.

21 thoughts on “A Poem for Lunatics (ii)

  1. The questions asked here go to the heart of things, and the heart of all we may never know, yet yearn to find out. Thanks so much for the transcript at the bottom, as I would never have pieced it together otherwise.

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    1. Oh amiga, I knew it! You are a special kind of lunatic, ha ha! Thank you ❤️ I also love Clair de Lune. I didn’t realise it was Debussy until recently and then of course I wasn’t surprised at all. He’s just the best ☀️

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