One of These Days

© N Nazir 2021

We’ll walk andante this cerulean afternoon, pick a spot with panoramic view, amid the hum of country, the jazz of birdsong.  There we shall picnic.

I may stand a while bare-shouldered in the blizzard of an early cherry blossom, confetti in a zephyr.  Or I may take pictures of you.  Either way, the minutes will melt like honey, the hours will roll as the bliss of earned rest after labours well done.  Flowing as if planned though our time is unscripted, each moment like stepping stones across the creek. 

We’ll bring food and wine, we’ll bring our good muscles.  And bring no book, for this one day, we’ll leave to idleness, this one day is our feast.  We could build a fire, or rather you, for you always knew how.  Then stay . . . until the blueness of dusk . . . is a falling tenderness . . . all about us.

© N Nazir 2022

© N Nazir 2021

Shared for dVerse Prosery, hosted by Ingrid. The challenge is to write a piece of prose using some given lines of poetry. The prompt lines have been taken from Wordsworth’s poem, Lines Written at a Small Distance from my House:

And bring no book, for this one day
We’ll give to idleness.

38 thoughts on “One of These Days

  1. The scene is set with your wonderful photograph, and slightly ambiguous title. it is clear, but does it promise, hope, or something less…but then the words really take over….wonderful. with lines still playing in my mind…and about your ending, you caught both the masculine, as well as feminine mind, though the feminine was just that little bit more clever….lovely poetry

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  2. This poem has great peace to it. I especially love the way you have used colors to underscore the mood(bonus points for cerulean–one of my very favorite words) and your vivid images, the bare shoulders, the good muscles, create a sense of physical presence that puts the reader there with you.This walk is like a dream that lives in memory, cherished and somehow larger than life. That ending is just superb,as well. The perfect close to a life-affirming day.

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    1. Oh Joy, thanks so much ❤️ Ha ha! Cerulean is a good word, one of my favourite blues! I’m so glad you experienced the poem like that (it’s pretending to be prose). Your comments absolutely make my day, thank you again 💖


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