A Poem for Lunatics (iii)

A poem for the wolf moon:

Erasure Poem #38, ink on paper, Sketchbook 2021, © N Nazir 2021
*source text from By Blood We Live by Glenn Duncan, p.96-97

I have fire, the man said,
the storm is coming.
Freely give
of your full moon heart
or feel the teeth
of the cold.

The open belly
of the beast
is warm death.
And yet
the god of the wolf moon
will carry
your darkness away.

7 thoughts on “A Poem for Lunatics (iii)

  1. fireblossom32

    Ay. I’m someone who has to turn away from nature shows when lions or wolves bring down some poor animal. I know they have to eat and i love them, too, but I can’t watch them kill. This was intense.

    Liked by 1 person

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