You Could Just Kiss it Instead

Eat the frog.

I don’t wanna eat the frog.

Just eat the frog.  You’ll feel better.


You’ll have to anyway.

Bloody don’t.

. . . .

Can’t I just spin three times widdershins
and beat my chest like a baboon?

Just eat the fucking frog!

It’s the last thing I want to do!

You’ll feel better!



Meanwhile, Frog, watching this tennis match, eye-rolls, hops onto a nearby lily pad, and sails away.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Widdershins, 75 words

29 thoughts on “You Could Just Kiss it Instead

  1. fireblossom32

    “Ah Princess you might like it/ if you lower your defence/ kiss that frog, you will get your prince” –Peter Gabriel “Kiss That Frog”
    What a fun poem to start the day with! I’m glad Froggy escaped on his lily pad. Maybe he married Miss Mousey.
    One good chuckle deserves another–I think you will like the poem I posted this morning. It is ridiculous! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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