When the Sun Starts to Set

Erasure Poem #35, watercolour & gel pen on paper, © N. Nazir 2021
(sourced from Noctures by Kazuo Ishiguro)

you don’t make sense
but I think you have
a great perspective on things

the truth is
you sound like
a bubbling flame
on a biting breeze


the stars mark the end
of our poetic evening
a strolling momentum
a pause
in the atmosphere

*Happy International Women’s Day. I know this poem isn’t particularly femme-related but it’s not another war poem at least.

17 thoughts on “When the Sun Starts to Set

    1. Oh, thank you, VJ! 🙂 That is kind of you to say. It’s not that straightforward but it’s still doable. I let the words jump out at me and don’t care too much if they don’t make sense. Then I make tiny sentences, like 3 or 4 word lines, and add extra words if I can.

      Let me know if you share any of yours! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for providing the transcript, as I always have a hard time connecting the dots. I really like the middle piece, but all of them are short, sharp and exquisite. The stars do indeed have a strolling momentum–funny I never noticed until you showed me.

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