Sometimes There is a Hill and One Must Run Up It #Throwback Thursday

I don’t know why I have such a nostalgia for music back when I was a kid but this seems to happen more and more as time passes. And as we are in the midst of a Kate Bush renaissance, I had to share a song from the legend that is.

I find so many of her songs exhilarating (King of the Mountain, This Woman’s Work, Babooshka, Pi to name a few), as in, they make you want to fly. Or start running around doing pirouettes and high kicks (even if you can’t, which I can’t). I’ve been listening to this iconic power ballad a lot this week, as have so many new younger fans due to its recent revival as the soundtrack to the new season of Stranger Things. Which has sent it straight to No.1 and deservedly so.

Words can’t describe this type of love song, it’s so many levels beyond all others. And this is not a spoiler alert but the way it accents the scene in the aforementioned horror series is so poignant. The idea that a song can save your life is just wonderful to me. And why not? There are times only a song can get through and nothing else.

As an individual, she rarely seeks the limelight. It’s like she got a good chunk of her irrepressible talent out of her system by her 30s (whilst giving us an incredible canon of music to enjoy for all time), then occasionally pops up every ten years or so to release another album if she feels like it, whilst remaining largely a mystery.

She is also the only artist to be the youngest and the oldest to have a No.1 hit: at 19 with Wuthering Heights, and now at 63 with Running Up That Hill. Both songs were written and composed by her. I don’t really have the right word but she is beyond admirable.

Plus I only just realised what a marvellous ensemble both she and her beau are wearing in this video. If you’re grappling with some existential soul trouble and are on your way to heaven, dress accordingly and don a pair of Samurai trousers and a ballet top and walk through the pearly gates looking chic as hell.

And what, pray tell, is your favourite Kate Bush song? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sometimes There is a Hill and One Must Run Up It #Throwback Thursday

  1. Something Good!!!

    I have not much enjoyed this season of ST but am so thrilled by the Kate Bush revival it’s sparked.

    And as for music saving lives, 100%:

    “I’ve been through many times in which I thought I might lose it
    The only thing that saved me has always been music.” — Mike D.

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    1. Yes, jdoublep, yes!! But my bad, I think it’s called Cloudbusting, I always forget the title. And of course there’s also her gorgeous duet with Peter Gabriel on Don’t Give Up. Which probably has saved lives.

      Thanks for the BB quote 😀 I had to look it up but I got to listen to Professor Booty so thanks for that! Love the groove.

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  2. I didn’t know about Kate Bush until Stranger Things, and I have to admit, I clicked on this post for exactly that. Because of the series, I’m now exploring her other music, but I have to say that Running Up That Hill has to be my favourite from her at the moment.

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    1. Hey that’s great, Stuart! I’m delighted you’re discovering her! What a treat you have in store with the other gems you’ll come across 🙂

      I’d recommend all the songs of hers I’ve mentioned in this post but her later stuff is also good, though quieter and more meditative (Aerial, 2005). Still, Hounds of Love (1985) seems to be one of her most popular albums. Feel free to let me know which others you get into! 🙂


  3. Favourite Kate Bush song? Where do I start? I guess, for sheer drama, it has to be Wuthering Heights. Just sooooooo wow! Can’t think of my teenage years without her songs. Thanks for sending me on a little trip down memory lane… I’m glad people didn’t have smartphones back then. Some of my dance moves to Kate Bush songs are better left in the deepest, darkest mists of time… I thought I was so ueber-cool…. Ya. I wasn’t.

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    1. Ha ha ha ha!! Britta, thank you for sharing that with me! Brilliant.

      “Some of my dance moves to Kate Bush songs are better left in the deepest, darkest mists of time” – 😀 😀

      You made me laugh with this comment! I’m sure your dance moves were something to behold. I would have joined you on the dance floor had I known you then, I’m sure! Cool is relative anyway 🙂

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  4. She has always been around but I don’t really have a favourite. I think I like Babooshka the most. Long live!

    Unrelatedly, I watched The Hunger Games yesterday, part 1, without having read the book or knew much about it. Whoooa!

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  5. This is the only Kate Bush song I know, but I first found out about it 10 or so years ago and not because of Stranger Things. I didn’t know that she wrote and composed this song herself, nor any of that information about her! I will listen to more. 😀

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    1. Ahhhh thank you, revivedwriter! So glad you got something from this post. You’ll enjoy discovering her, she spans such a wide range of styles and genres and gets away with pretty much anything 🙂


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