The Rush Moves Us Onward

The past burns away.

The brevity of the moment

sets us free.


We were always meant to cross over
you and I, into meaning
into scattering, into journey
and surrender.
We were always meant to melt
into cosmos, you and I,
I could sense your adventure
brimming with intention
into mine.
Come, let’s split
let’s find the parade
the joyous promenade
the ubiquitous celebration
the colours a-screaming
the songs a-shimmering
the dreamscape of belonging
that only exists
at the crossover.
Let’s journey
into the heart of it
like we did
all those lives before.
It is so very lovely
to see you again.

© N Nazir 2022

The first poem was written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Brevity, 12 words, and The Sunday Muse, hosted by Carrie. The poem was not done so I let it have its way 🙂

31 thoughts on “The Rush Moves Us Onward

  1. This makes me want to get out my backpack. I suppose at some point I’ll get out my spiritual backpack and come back and do this whole thing again. I once visited a sensitive who said i had lived 94 lives. She seemed to think that could not be “but that’s what they’re saying;” (the guides.) She told me about a couple of my past lives and one was where i was this very tall woman (I am tall in this life, too–5′ 11”) and was horribly self-conscious about it and slouched to seem shorter etc. My father married me off to the only man who would have me, and he was a loser but I had a son and was a great mother. The sensitive said I never have to worry about that, that I’d done that and aced it. She said I died of appendicitis because i wouldn’t call the doctor cos I didn’t think I was important enough. Oops.

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    1. How fascinating, Shay!! 💖 I think we contain so many memories and evolution is not just physical but celestial too. It would explain why nostalgia is so powerful sometimes and why deja vu comes upon us often 🌟 💖

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  2. “We were always meant to cross over
    you and I, into meaning
    into scattering, into journey
    and surrender.”

    first, that first line, that’s a powerfull way to start a poem, to “cross over”. love the language and the spirit of this poem… that’s exactly how i’ve been feeling lately.

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