Can I Have Extra Cheese Please? #Throwback Thursday

This song is my guilty pleasure. Not that it’s such an unlikely pairing because I quite like that about it. It’s Bryan Adams goddamnit, BA being all angsty in guyliner and banging the wall in frustration because he can’t see the object of his desire. For some reason, that really does it for me. Just stop it, Bryan! What are you doing to me?! Pacing the house like that with your sultry eyes!! Stop it!

And of course, the charming Mel C. I won’t hear a word against the Spice Girls. They were questionable in all the right ways.

Also, this is a banger! It totally works. It’s not just catchy, it’s actually good. You think it shouldn’t work, it’s not going to work, and then it does. Am I right? Go on, naysayers, say your piece! Having said that, I’m not a fan of Bryan Adam’s music in general. Though he does have a lovely gravelly croon.

What’s your guilty pleasure? (preferably music-related, please). Is there a song you’re a little bashful to admit you like? Go on, tell me. No judgement here 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Can I Have Extra Cheese Please? #Throwback Thursday

  1. well, i’ve never been bashful or embarrassed about any of the music i like, but i’ll tell what i’ve been listening to lately, 1) red hot chilly peppers “unlimited love” 2) gary clack jr “the story of sunny boy slim” 3) courtney barnett “sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit”

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  2. You okay, woman? You’ve been silent.

    here is my guilty pleasure. it is the dumbest thing ever, I have no idea what they’re saying, but it cracks me up and makes me want to tap my toes every time. i especially love the dancing cow.

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    1. Hi Shay! Thanks for this choice offering, it put a big smile on my face! 🙂 I have always got time for dancing cows, men in lederhosen and women in dirndls!

      And I appreciate you asking after me. I’ve had a flat-out busy mixed-up month, but it should be settling down now. Hope you are well too 🙂

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    1. Yes, that is a good one! I found it hard to listen to at first then I realised it was actually kind of radical, and she does have an amazing voice. I like the expression on the guy’s face when she’s rapping “sweet nothings” into his ear!


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