Some Kind of Love Story # publication

Erasure Poem #7, ink & gel pen on paper, Sketchbooks 2021, © N Nazir 2021
Text source: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, p.40-41

His beautiful silver
smoke rings.

Her devious

A long outrageous
about love

She and he
in Siamese

He needed

The silence




© N Nazir 2022

I’m delighted to have this erasure poem published in the latest issue of Unlost Journal, a wonderful online journal that regularly publishes found poetry and art. This is issue #29 entitled “How Daily My Life” where you can view my submission and read all other entries (poem published under Nina Nazir). Hope you like!!

Shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Linda.

Statuesque in Liberty

I changed again in the night
a flight to a mayan dreamscape
not mine, but 
a spidery vortex of others.

I flitted this way and that
as is my wont,
tweaked a scene here
pulled a string there
for dream lords are not so different
from time lords.

We all but stop the nightmares creeping in
though of course
there’s always a realm for boogeymen.

I enter a fantasy
at the other end of Yonderland
and watch as an opera of rainsong
falls in thundering symphony 
from the petticoats 
of the newly escaped 

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing prompt: Opera, 95 words, The Sunday Muse (image as shown), Poets and Storytellers United (Prompt: to write from the point of view of a TV character), and Ragtag Daily Prompt: Flight

Something Quivers, Oceanic

Photo by Arnie Chou on

Shake off your inner demons should their wily 
hands cast you off-balance, as we are here 
for the briefest of starbursts and everything is
ever-changing. The enchantress sun will always 

cancel out the shadow play of doubt, for among
all our dreamscapes lies a honey promise of
our twin adventure into a gleaming future where 
vows of love are writ in a stolen shaft of morning.


By hook or by crook, while the lower plane of hell is
freezing over, I shall write you an uncensored letter of   
passion in which I reveal my closely guarded secrets
at once a revelation and a prediction, my heart at
its most boundless, my azure self at some pinnacle of
blossoming, as some aerial wish finally grows wings.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for dVerse Poetry Prompt, hosted by Laura, who challenges us to choose one of the given lines taken from various poems and write a stanza(s) taking each word as the start of each line, forming a type of acrostic poem. The poem should be at least 2 stanzas long and one should try to stick to the meter of their chosen line (not sure I’ve managed this bit).

The lines I chose were: “Shake hands for ever, cancel all our vows” from Michael Drayton’s Idea 61 and “By freezing passion at its blossoming” from Neil Carpathios’ poem The Kiss, which you can read more about at the dVerse page.

Howl #Throwback Thursday

One thing I love about Howlin’ Wolf is how timeless his music is. It sounds just as ageless in 2022 as it did back when it was rocking. I guess a lot of blues is like that.

I haven’t heard all of his stuff yet but I keep coming back to these two tunes. I love how the electric in Spoonful is in absolute agreement with his vocals, forming a delightful call-back response, as if to say I hear ya! Yup, I know just what you’re talking about… And then the piano creeps in as if to say, I couldn’t help overhearing but I just want to say I totally agree, and the bass and the drums and the whole splendid soup of the thing just swell in rapport.

Smokestack Lightnin’ is a song I never tire of listening to. I’m not even sure what it’s about, I just get swept along by it. It’s that never-ending riff that starts it off that I love, how it continues like the chug of a train, keeping everything in motion.

Howlin’ Wolf always seems to turn some chaotic event into a party. Some trouble has gone down but he’s just going to sing about it and drink and smoke and party. And make you groove with him. You relate to his troubles and you want to join the shindig and help him forget. And isn’t that what all great artists do, alchemise their troubles into art?

What are your favourite blues songs?

The Dusk Was Awash with Reason and Spelling

we’ll slip through 
portal of cognition
threshold into
the alcazar of why not

I love it when
your disobedience
aligns with mine

we won’t be caught
we’ll be back before they notice
float in sideways
tumble out backwards

transfigure elemental
it’s all so easy
I feel it right down 
to my magical –

and then you kiss me
and then we kiss
it’s all so sudden
and all so stolen
and kissing, we land
onto otherworld sand.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Alcazar, 76 words, The Sunday Muse, image as shown), Poets and Storytellers United Prompt: List Poem, and Ragtag Daily Prompt: Float