Possible Bio for Future Memoir + Throwback Thursday

Erasure Poem #66, gel pen on paper, (Sketchbooks 2022), © N Nazir 2022
Text source: The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt

like a sucker-punch,

yet alien,

and a penchant

for being smart

by mistake.


Happy National Poetry Day, folks! ❤

*This poem is obviously an ironic bio. Does anyone else relate to it? 🙂

And my Throwback Thursday tune this week is…

This is my favourite version of this song (Under the Wave) though it doesn’t have an official video. But it is simply gorgeous. I defy you not to enjoy it 🙂

In case you’ve never heard of Erasure, they’re a synth-pop band from London that was popular in the late 80s and early 90s with hits like A Little Respect, Love to Hate You, and Blue Savannah. They consist of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke – Clarke was also an original member of Depeche Mode before he left to join Erasure and Yazoo.

What are you listening to at the moment, pray tell? 🙂

15 thoughts on “Possible Bio for Future Memoir + Throwback Thursday

  1. Too funny, woman. Mine might be… “Clearly disturbed but oddly enchanting” or something idk lol.

    I love Erasure! I have “A Little Respect” and “Oh L’Amour” on my iPod. I first heard them while watching the movie DEBS with Jordana Brewster as criminal mastermind Lucy Diamond. She said in an interview that she ran out of moves halfway through the song lol.
    The first time I heard “Oh L’Amour” it came on the radio and seemed awfully slow. Then the DJ came on and said yeah, ok, I meant to do that. Ohhh Lamoooooor. Then he switched it from 33 to the 45rpm is was meant to play at!

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    1. Ha ha! I love your bio strapline, that’s brilliant 😀 I have never seen DEBS but if they have Erasure in their soundtrack then it must be good! Having said that, there must be a lot of bad movies with great soundtracks. Though I can’t think of any right now!

      I’ve just watched the clip, that was funny! Somehow A Little Respect sounds even better being in such a camp movie. Thanks for sharing that! 😀

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  2. I’m in love with how you do your erasure poems! They are so beautiful and poignant. Sounds like an interesting biography I’d definitely want to read. No idea on what mind would be…not enough brain power today to think that deeply…wait…maybe that’s it 😂

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    1. Ha ha! Thank you, Bridgette, for your kind words! I really appreciate it. I created the poem as normal then afterwards thought how it read like someone’s crazy bio, hence I titled it that way. I don’t really have eyes like a sucker-punch 😀 I’m sure your bio would be far more thoughtful and reasonable 🙂

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  3. Shawna

    This is absolutely brilliant micro-poetry. I am so floored by this. “Eyes like a sucker-punch”—goodness, that is good.

    I love how you used white space in exactly the right way, not adhering to couplets or trying to force a pattern.

    Great work, Sun.

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      1. Oh the days of mix tapes! I don’t think I kept any of mine though I have a nostalgia for them now. Love Depeche Mode though I was never crazy about Judas Priest, I must say! Also, everyone goes mad for Led Zeppelin and they’re from my city but they never quite did it for me – well, perhaps just the odd song (Stairway to Heaven) 🙂


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