Conversation in a Graveyard #publication

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She’s here again.
What does she want?
I think she’s looking for something.
In a graveyard?
It’ll be dark soon, she ought to run along.
I think I’ve seen her before…
What do you suppose she wants?
Perhaps she’s lost.
I think she might be searching for something.
Her marbles?
She’s got a camera.
Yeah, she’s taking photos.
She took some of the sunset earlier. Right pretty it was. Over your grave there, Betty. She must have taken about a hundred.
And she was talking to herself.
Funny, aren’t they, these young folk, these days? The stuff they do for fun.
I definitely know her. She was here years ago. I . . .

. . . would be honoured if you would go here to read the rest of this short story.

© N Nazir 2022

My greatest thanks to Spillwords for publishing my short story, flash fiction, whatever it is! It’s composed entirely of dialogue which was a new thing I tried and it started off as a bit of nonsense. Then I went back and edited it and added a few more lines and pretty soon it became what it was. It didn’t make the Halloween shorts but they published it as part of the general Halloween series and I’m happy enough with that 🙂 Hope you like!

12 thoughts on “Conversation in a Graveyard #publication

  1. It’s been a minute (definitely more) since I’ve read your posts– this was casually-tender-morbid-amusing and similar to what coalblack said, that combination ticked me 🙂 congrats on this publication!!

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