Another Poem for Samhain

Helpless Beings, image from

A shuffling of ghosts 
burn away in the midday sun 
like smoke dissipating.  
It was their time.  

I scribble ink 
onto paper and parchment, 
how becoming it is 
when it becomes something. 
I’m partial to this. 

The occasional 
slam dunk of completion 
is a sweet rush   
but creativity 
has always made my tides turn.  

I drink my coffee 
then go out
place a tobacco offering 
by the tree
poised to welcome 
a hoard of those
newly passed over. 

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where Shay brings us inspiration with the beautiful poems of Susie Clevenger (words used: shuffling, ghosts, ink, coffee, tobacco, poised), Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Dunk, 78 words, The Sunday Muse (image as shown), and Poets and Storytellers United with this week’s theme: Sweet.

39 thoughts on “Another Poem for Samhain

  1. How becoming it is when it becomes something indeed! Creativity makes my tides turn, too, and i love the way you have described it here, as well as your finish, with the offering and the passing spirits. Sometimes i really think a poem just insists on being written and I’m just transcribing it, as if it was already out there in the ether somewhere, just needing me to “take a letter”. Of course, most times, it’s work, but joyful work, and there’s no feeling like the feeling one gets when it all comes together, and you’re pleased with the finished creation.

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  2. “It was their time…” It’s simplicity like this that makes the glass bell of poetry chime for me–everything about this poem is honest and clear, and I love the twist on becoming–as an a synonym for beauty it’s rarely used any more, which gives the piece a slightly formal air in its latent (and deceptively smooth) whimsy–really it’s a very deft and clever poem that seems obvious but is definitely not, which is a feature of your own unique style I particularly love, Sunra. So sorry to be so late to the party–and thanks for your kind comment at my place.

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