Star Walks

Star Walks, Erasure Poem #75, gel pen and biro on paper, (Sketchbooks 2022), © N Nazir 2022
Text source: Sum: Tales from the Afterlives, David Eagleman, p.21

Our lucky nights

are spent taking

star walks.

In our dream dialogue

we interpret death

as a brave afterlife.

*published over at Ink Sweat and Tears on 07.11.22

*shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Sanaa.

I’ve become very cavalier with my attitude towards Throwback Thursday having missed the odd one here and there. But I reserve the right to continue the tradition when I’m in the mood. So here’s mine for today. Okay, I know Starman would have been the most obvious choice to complement the poem but it’s not my fave Bowie song (shock, gasp). Heroes is, along with Wild is the Wind and The Man Who Sold the World. And let’s not forget the soundtrack to Labyrinth, oh no. That’s in a league of its own.

What’s your favourite Bowie song? Will you join me by sharing it in the comments? Or feel free to share your latest ear worm, whatever that may be 🙂

46 thoughts on “Star Walks

  1. Rob Kistner

    Love the way this poem came together Sunra, it’s a fascinating procedure, one I’ve never tried before. However, it seems I will try it in the future, because it looks very interesting. I enjoyed hearing you read today at OLN Live, thank you.

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  2. I love this! Star walks! Every word is so apt. I think this one was just lying in wait for you to set it free, Sunra. 😉

    I like Bowie, and this song. I have a number of favorites! Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel (of course!), Panic In Detroit (because that’s home), Starman, the list goes on. I’ve been listening to an old 1960s South American organist named Walter Wanderly lately. I just discovered him. It’s pure ear candy but I love it. He often has the amazing Astrud Gilberto singing as well.

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  3. lannazee96

    Love the poem!! beautifully penned and profound verse in the most creative of formats 🙂 Love heroes and the man who sold the world too. I am also partial to Space Oddity and Life on Mars 🖤

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  4. It was great to hear you read at OLN Live. I thought of your poem yesterday as I took a walk, did laundry, etc, instead of working.

    I really love this one, too, and the way you make your erasure poems into works of art. This one is lovely to read and to look at.

    I like so many Bowie songs, but I’m partial to Space Oddity. I think because I remember listening it to in my attic bedroom late at night as a teen–and also, there’s a wonderful version that the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadley did in space at the space station. And I just love that whole idea. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Merril! I really appreciate your kind words ❤️ Glad it resonated with you! Procrastination is the prelude to most of my activities! Rather, I procrastinate by being creative!
      Yeah Space Oddity’s a good one. I love the idea of an astronaut playing it at the space station, I’ll have to check that out 🙂

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  6. I started the song and amore squealed in delight. David Bowie is our guy. He helped us get together. The song that played at the Termini station while I was going away after our first two weeks together, was the one that mentions protein pills. The spaceship knew. I really love R’n’R Suicide too, and the Man Who Sold the World. Much love for your poem, even though I read the stanzas in the different order.

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    1. Hey Manja! Ha ha, I’m glad it had that affect on you! Delighted it’s so meaningful for you both. There’s always that one song that marks a moment, isn’t there? And I’m so glad you like the piece ❤


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