Stream of Consciousness (A Blitz Poem)

this romantic season
this fever of reasons
reasons to be cheerful
reasons to be careful
careful, don’t get caught in the tundra
careful, or you’ll get sucked under
under the wave you’ll go
under the falling snow
snow drift lays like sheets
snow, when we two meet
meet by the bridge of longing
meet by the sultry moon
moon over me, I
moon over you too
too many wishes
too little time
time wobbling into dusk
time, of the essence
essence of rosemary
essence of orange blossom
blossom into a love boat’s shoring
blossom into a milky morning
morning brings a nattering
morning brings sighs and things
things, not what they seem
things are a makeshift dream
dreams are phantoms
dreams are lanterns
lanterns guide your way
lanterns of faerie ballet
ballet into the future
ballet into your reverie
reverie of summer gone
reverie of summer to come
come what may, the mice will play
come what may, the cat’s away
away with you, blues
away with you, into the blue
blue shoes on a blue day
blue notes you whisper in my ear
earmark this moment 
earmark this wish
wish it was easy
wish it was now
now will come soon
now is opportune

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where we are given inspiration with Ghost Eaters by Clay McLeod Chapman (words used: romantic, fever, tundra, sultry, wobbling, milky, nattering, makeshift, phantom), We’Ave Written Weekly where the Poet of the Week, Murisopsis, invites us to write a Blitz Poem, The Sunday Muse (image as shown) and Poets and Storytellers United (Theme: Ordinary)

44 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness (A Blitz Poem)

    1. Thank you, David ❤ I didn't find it easy at all, I had to read through the instructions a number of times. I was thrown by the inclusion of a mouse? 😀 I didn't get that part, ha ha. Thanks for hosting! 🙂


  1. I love this poem, Sunra–so many flowing images and thoughts that merge seamlessly, breathlessly. I’m very intrigued by the form, but found the explanation and example given at the link less instructive than just the way you made this, which is in a way that supersedes the form even as it uses its scaffolding. I love all of it, but especially the lines beginning with the drifts of snow, the secrets it can hide, the sweetness of meetings, and all the rich play of feeling you waltz down the page to the end. Really excellent poem. Thank you for persevering as you say it was difficult, but it reads like it just appeared magically on the page, whole and glittering. Quite the feat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this lovely thoughtful comment, Joy! You are too kind to me, I considered the poem to be well below par! But I’m glad you got the sensations of it and enjoyed it, that is lovely to hear ❤


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