Could you vote for me, please?

I had some lovely news today. My erasure poem Star Walks has been shortlisted for Ink Sweat and Tears November’s Pick of the Month. So I have a favour to ask of you guys. I would appreciate it so much if you could click on the link below and vote for me? Voting closes at 6pm on Wednesday 14th December (GMT).

Obviously, I shan’t hold it against you if you choose another poem instead! Just don’t tell me you did! 🙂

(Poem published under Nina Nazir)

Thank you ❤

42 thoughts on “Could you vote for me, please?

    1. Hey, Jeff! Thank you ❤ So if you click on the link, after the third paragraph, it says "Please vote here," which is hyperlinked. You click on that and then you just select the one you want to vote for. Hope that's clear, my friend! 🙂

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