When the Night Gives Up Her Secrets

I’d never been to a séance before, and it didn’t seem appropriate this close to Christmas.

Though spacious and tastefully furnished, the room had reminded me of a vault, all sombre dark wood surround and shadowy eaves.  

The thing is, I didn’t know whether to tell Janey about the tall pale man who had been standing behind her the whole time.  They’d only done it for a bit of fun after all, she and her cronies, to figure out why things kept mysteriously vanishing, keys ending up in the fridge and such-like.  But there he had been looking down at her, she, giggling and oblivious, as it seemed had been everyone else.

And when, shuddering, I left, gulping in the night air, I could hear the strains of a lone violin playing somewhere in the house.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden, where we are given inspiration with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Words used: Christmas, violin. Shay also shares her favourite poem by him called Junkman’s Obligato, which is an absolute joy to read, I highly recommend it. You can find it over at her page.

Written also for GirlieOnTheEdge Six Sentence Story Linkup, where the prompt word is Vault. (Unfortunately, I was too late to link my post but I thought I’d share it anyway).

Written also for The Sunday Muse, image as shown.

21 thoughts on “When the Night Gives Up Her Secrets

  1. i’ve never been to a seance before, but we did have a Ouija board when we were kids, we could creep ourselves out with that pretty good. if you don’t have ouija board, just “santa claus” backwards three times in a mirror at the stroke of midnight, and he’ll bring you one next christmas =)

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