The Streets Were Deserted

but for a lone hobo and his dog.  
I went to say hello, it was on my way
after all. He didn’t look well

nor did the hound, who I petted anyway.  
Come to the shelter, I said
you’ll get a hot meal and a warm bed.

The hobo shook his head
they don’t let you in with a dog.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry. So trite 
to wish him merry christmas after that.

I’m sorry, I said again and gave him some change
little good it did, everything closed on the eve.

Then I walked to the shelter, huddled against the wind
late for my shift at the kitchen.

© N Nazir 2022

*Thankfully, this rule has now changed and dogs are allowed to stay with their owners if they check in at the homeless shelters over the Christmas / New Year period (in the UK).

Shared for W3, hosted by David, where Murisopsis, the poet of the week, invites us to write a poem of exactly fourteen lines on the topic of poverty (moral, romantic, financial, etc).

Shared also for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Linda.


And here’s my Throwback Thursday for you. I love this band. Couldn’t Care More by the Fine Young Cannibals from their album with the same name, first released in 1985. What have you been listening to lately? 🙂

66 thoughts on “The Streets Were Deserted

    1. Me too, KeriC9. Appreciate you dropping by and thanks for the follow 🙂

      I tried clicking on your name, but it doesn’t go to your WP site? It says this site is not available. Let me know when that’s fixed and I can check out your blog too.

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  1. Your poem reminded me of a dream I just had the other night, strange enough, where I was having to evacuate because of some horrible thing, but was trying to save all the dogs in the city and I was stuffing one under my shirt trying to get it on the bus to leave before Armageddon hit. Just wanted to share how the story resonated and I am so glad they changed the rule as the homeless with pets deserve help and support. Bravo for doing your part as well! 👏👏

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    1. Thank you for sharing that, Tricia! How fascinating! Love that you were trying to stuff one under your shirt 😀 There might be a poem in there somewhere? 🙂 Really glad this resonated with you, appreciate that, thank you ❤

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      1. No I’m in the USA. There are allowances but generally the rules are much less inclusive for pets – restaurants don’t allow dogs except for seeing eye dogs and others of that type – have to meet the criteria for a service animal: four feet on the floor (no carrying the dog), must be trained for a specific task, must be identified as a service animal, no one permitted to pet or interfere with the animal while working (which should be any time it is in public)… not at all like in the UK or Europe where dogs are often taken everywhere with the owners!

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      2. Ah, that’s interesting. Yeah, not everywhere here is dog-friendly either but more and more places seem to be. Service animals are always allowed in general, as far as I’m aware. A handful of pubs in my city allow anyone to bring their dog when they have a pint as long as they sit in a designated area. As long they’re well-trained, it should be allowed, I think.


  2. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    “So trite
    to wish him merry christmas after that.” A powerful ‘in the moment’ poem and it rings true – I’m glad the dogs are allowed – I’m sure the dogs give so much comfort and love!

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  3. That is a problem here as well–no pets allowed. The shelters are awful anyway, little better than the street, really. Why can’t we provide everyone with a decent room and a bed and enough to eat? And it’s only getting worse…(K)

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      1. I’m in NYC. We have a huge homeless problem that gets worse by the month. Mental illness, drug use, lack of affordable housing, horrible landlords, low salaries, domestic violence, gentrification–no one seems to know how or where to even begin.

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