Rain ‘o’ Clock

Photo by Katherine Mihailova on Pexels.com

Truth-spilling into marginalia, my scribbling overflow.  Word gypsies.  The blank page and permission to emote.  My hands seem older than me, my little brown hands.  Fluttering to my face, my hair.  My roots.  Need enlightening.

I want to join the cult of cats if they’d let me. In the boulevard of parallel ugh-ness.  I’d probably have to be initiated.  I’d give up before they even miaowed their instructions at me and stalk away, bemused.  You can’t tell me what to do, you glaring of felines.  I’m a scarecrow in disguise and I’m not sorry.

Paint some washes of denim-blue and dive in, everything you need to know is there.  And yet.  

The rippling sea bed is alive with octopi hiding from those they thought were their sea buddies but who were secretly planning to eat them.  It really is quite dreadful.

But it’s okay. For there are always dolphins. And those dudes have got your back.

Not a smart-ass, just bookish and curious-orange. You spot patterns, you see how they’ll unfurl. You may stay.  Or take your leave, knowing what will happen.  It’s not psychic, it’s just being on this planet does that to you.

Anyway, it’s lovely to meet you, how are you?

© N Nazir 2023

© Diego Romeo

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where we are given inspiration with Randy Newman. Words used: overflow, gypsies, boulevard, scarecrow(s), sorry, smart-ass.

Written also for dVerse Poetry Prompt, hosted by Grace, who challenges us to write a poem using word play, specifically the literary devices of anthimeria, kennings or oxymorons.

26 thoughts on “Rain ‘o’ Clock

  1. Sublime. So might it be raining cats, over there? They just couldn’t wait for the wine-o’clock party to begin, huh! But you gave them fair warning, my friend. A wonderful scarecrow you be! Thanks. This is a fun read. (Again)

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  2. Oh, this is splendid, Sunra. You had me at the title, but my favorite bit was the roots needing enlightening. What to do when the cats won’t let you join up? Go down by the sea, of course, and talk to the dolphins. That ending is perfect btw.


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  3. It’s been far too long since I got out and about to read, and finding this shiny little bauble of words first thing this morning proves it. You have such a light touch here, SunRa, tho the seriousness of things is far from hidden. I especially love the octopi–how hard it must be for them being so smart in a landscape of primal urges and big teeth–rather like us, indeed. I also love ‘the cult of cats.” Not a bauble, but a gem here.

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    1. Hedgewitch Joy!! How lovely to hear from you. I was thinking about you recently as. noticed you hadn’t been online as much. Thank you for your amazing comment, you’re so kind ❤ I'll come over and visit your blog very soon 🙂

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  4. EMBRaCinG the DarK Leaving
    ALL LiT uP Directions And Lessons

    Out of the LiGHT God Yes Oh the MaGiC

    Of Chaos When We Let All the Preplanning

    Go Just to Flow As the Ocean We aRe Waves Water

    Air Just Free
    As Wings Are

    Flown By Winds

    And Fins Are Swum Whole
    By CuRReNTS of Water SaMe

    True Even A Poetic Name Like

    SUNRA RAINZ in Word Play

    Will Speak Volumes

    on the Paradox

    of the Freedom

    of Art Bringing

    Ultimate Order to LiGHT iN DarK
    Out of Chaos MaGiC With SMiLEs…

    Anyway i’m Doing Great Just Strolling
    Around the World For Poetic Muse since
    the End of the Pandemic And Introspection

    That Era Brought With Wings Trapped Back into
    The COG of CuLTuRES AGAiN How could i Refuse

    A Most Wondrous Name That Really Spells Reality in
    Two Words

    Yes At Core
    Sun Rains Yes
    So Thanks Again
    SUNRA RAINZ as Not
    Only are You Creative
    You Have Been Kind
    Enough to Welcome
    The Chaos MaGiC

    of my Art

    into Your
    Blog Home too With SMiLes

    Yes That is A Bit Unusual in
    Some Parts of the Poetsphere

    With Lines Restricted to Rules

    Really It’s okay to create Novel
    Ways of Communication the
    Core Art of How Humans Come Together
    Yes Greater Than Ever in Newer Colors Soul Free…:)

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