About Me

© Daniel Stedman, acrylic on card, 2019


Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I have no idea what to write here. I am a subterranean lovesick alien. No, scrap that. Rather, I’m a cyborg that’s delighted to be here.

What can I tell you? I’m British Pakistani. Woman, soul, other. Bibliophile. Tree hugger. Avid multi-potentialite. I like animals, biscuits, rainy days, comedy, probably in that order. In recent years, I’ve worked mainly as a travelling English teacher. My bread and butter job that allows me to chase my artistic pursuits. Though I do rather enjoy it.

I grew up in Birmingham. Contrary to its “lively” reputation, it is a characterful cultural city where you can find all manner of marvellous diversions.

Content here will probably include musings, ramblings, thought bombs, and poetic streams because, well, it’s brain yoga for me. Simply put, I can’t stop writing. But like the tides to the moon, I always come back to poetry. For its need to be both private and understood at the same time.

Also, I’m an artist. My first love. Though moving around means I can’t hoard sketchbooks, paintings or sculptures like I used to. The amount of times I’ve thrown my art away . . . it can hurt. I limit it to sketchbooks these days. I just don’t have the luxury of space. Still, thank god for photography.

I love spoken word, good coffee, fresh roti, everything about autumn, my faithful bicycle, sincerity, 90s throwback tunes. It’s possible I have a soft spot for Bryan Adams (the man not the music) and I have no idea why (something about him is just so hello sailor). I have a penchant for making my own skater skirts of which I have dozens in eye-popping prints and colours. I am obsessed with music and leg warmers. I’m fierce but I cry over anything. And of course, I can’t stop writing.

I genuinely believe (cliche alert) kindness can change the world. Hence, my kindness reflex is always switched on. So is my speak-your-mind reflex which doesn’t always make me popular. Did I mention I love sincerity?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog. And with that I bid you good day.

No, more than that, I hope something wonderful happens to you today.

Sunra Rainz
Based in the UK

© N. Nazir 2020