Sometimes You Choose Deliberate Optimism

Lisa Fonssagrives standing on the Eiffel Tower, taken by Erwin Blumenfeld

A gesture.  Goes on stretching and stretching.  The brick has a charm in the world of ideas.  Careening into the future.  The jazz of lip syncing during the early stages.  Of romantic design.  Is it raining, ohhhh.  Listen, let’s rendezvous.  Clouds will come and go, days will ebb and flow.  Yes, dogs may dream in black and white.  But technicolour abounds everywhere.  Get over it with your minimalism.  Sometimes, there is maximalism.  Open your viewfinder.  Use a wide-angle lens.  The landscape is a curve veering into the abyss.  Minutiae collects together to form a larva of brilliant existence.  I pop bubbles in your face with sarcasm.  Hey!  Check out this effing view!  It doesn’t take a brainiac to know what hardcore beauty looks like.  It is.  Ek stasis.  

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where we are given inspiration with Creem magazine (words used: brainiac, brick, charm, hardcore, jazz, romantic, stages, veering), The Sunday Muse (image as shown), Poets and Storytellers United (slightly off-prompt), Ragtag Daily Prompt: Design

A Dusk of Reasoning, a Curtailing and a Quickening #publication

© Omar Musa for Visual Verse

The night is swollen and ever-present. Curling into my shoulders. East wind stirs my whiskers. I, padding, into a stillness of welcome, summon knowing. The babies of night unfurled stir twice, thrice, then hitch a ride on a hump-back dream into yonderland.

Where I too am headed. My quiet laughter turns into willing. My prowl, alertness of darkness. Eyes keen in the night, my brother goes hence. I feel his hunt in my knees, in the down of my belly.

Dare I cross the waters? I . . .

. . . would be delighted if you went here to read the rest of the poem.

© N Nazir 2022

*Shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Bjorn.

*I’m so pleased to be published in Visual Verse this month. I only realised when a fellow blogger pointed it out to me. Pretty delighted as they rejected me four months in a row earlier this year! I hope you enjoy the piece 🙂

*And my chosen Throwback Thursday for today is a classic Neneh Cherry track: Manchild, from her debut album, Raw Like Sushi, 1989. I still find it bewitchingly beautiful. She performed at Glastonbury Festival in 2019 (which I watched from the comfort of my living room) and sounded just as good as ever – and didn’t look much different either! Some people are kind of ageless.

She started off playing in punk bands in the early 80s, before becoming a solo singer-songwriter and rapper soon after. If you’ve never heard of Neneh, you will likely have heard her music before, such as Seven Seconds featuring Youssou N’dour, which was a major hit in 1994. Being both British and Swedish, she is based between London and Stockholm and although she doesn’t release music any more, she is still a major part of British pop history.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Do you have a favourite Neneh Cherry song? Feel free to share it in the comments below. Or if you have another throwback you’d like to share, please be my guest! 🙂

Is that the Queen’s English?

© Cornell Capa 1972

Your move. King? No, queen. Wait – there is no queen. Knight, it is. What were you saying? Something about ecstasy? No, I was talking about the expectation of absurdity. Oh? Like when society expects one thing but your soul demands another. It’s the nonsense of things being various. Like gingerbread in summer? Or ice cream in winter? You could say that. What I mean is, no one writes letters any more. The soul wants letters. Instead we are saturated with the toxic thoughts of the masses on platforms that suck out our souls. Mmmmmm, interesting. I suppose people have an overwhelming need to share. Your move. I need a moment…. there. Do you think we ever really know who we are? And that’s why we talk? In order to discover? I think we’re always on the verge of becoming. Yes, but do we ever? Perhaps not. Not if we’re still here. I’m glad to be here. Even though everything seems broken. I know what you mean. There is still beauty in the world. There will always be beauty. The luminous beauty of maths, for instance. Or the ping of understanding between hearts when they open. Yes. A good joke is also beauty. Wouldn’t you say? It depends on the filter of your lens that day. Mmmmmm. Anyway, it’s your move…

© N Nazir 2022

© Cornell Capa

Written for The Sunday Muse (images as shown), Shay’s Word Garden, where we are given inspiration with the poetry of Amy Lowell, Poets and Storytellers United, and Ragtag Daily Prompt: Luminous