Nomad, Erasure Poem #79, watercolour & gel pen on paper, (Sketchbooks 2022), © N Nazir 2022
Text source: Indigo, Marina Warner, p.221

the night whispered in excitement

she was a rose-pink starwoman

far from home

her eyes buttonbrown

her palms, like delicate fish


Published in Issue VIII: Guinevere of Free Verse Revolution Lit Journal, along with erasure poem Revelation and painting Scrying at Dawn. You can download a free digital issue here.

Shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Lillian.

Free Verse Revolution #Publication!

My greatest thanks to Editor Kristiana Reed for publishing my work in the latest issue of Free Verse Revolution literary magazine ❤ I have two erasure poems and one painting included here in Issue VIII, Guinevere: rebirth on pages 21, 41 and 66, titled Nomad, Revelation and Scrying at Dawn, alongside some great company. Simply the best way to finish the year!

You can download your free copy here or purchase a print copy here.

❤ Thank you so much to all of you for your continual ongoing support with my writing, in always taking the time to read my work and post a comment. It’s so heartwarming and uplifting. Know that I truly, deeply appreciate you ❤

Could you vote for me, please?

I had some lovely news today. My erasure poem Star Walks has been shortlisted for Ink Sweat and Tears November’s Pick of the Month. So I have a favour to ask of you guys. I would appreciate it so much if you could click on the link below and vote for me? Voting closes at 6pm on Wednesday 14th December (GMT).

Obviously, I shan’t hold it against you if you choose another poem instead! Just don’t tell me you did! 🙂

(Poem published under Nina Nazir)

Thank you ❤

Black Flowers Arts Journal #Publication

I’m not sure what’s happening at the moment but I received news of another publication this week! This one’s for Black Flowers Arts Journal, Volume Twelve, the Dreams issue. It includes three of my pieces, one collage poem, one painting and one erasure poem. I guess I should submit more visual poems! They seem to fill a niche. They used the painting (Perspective) as the front cover on Instagram, so I’m really pleased about that. You can view all my pieces by clicking here.

I’m happy with how it looks, it’s wonderful to see my work curated like that. I rushed to get the erasure poem done for the deadline so I was a bit concerned it would look rough around the edges but it seems to hold up well. And I’m thinking of doing more collage poems in future. Kind of isolated phrases against a starkly drawn background. What do you think?

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed doing them! 🙂

Thank you, as ever, for dropping by ❤

© N Nazir 2022

Conversation in a Graveyard #publication

Photo by Pixabay on

She’s here again.
What does she want?
I think she’s looking for something.
In a graveyard?
It’ll be dark soon, she ought to run along.
I think I’ve seen her before…
What do you suppose she wants?
Perhaps she’s lost.
I think she might be searching for something.
Her marbles?
She’s got a camera.
Yeah, she’s taking photos.
She took some of the sunset earlier. Right pretty it was. Over your grave there, Betty. She must have taken about a hundred.
And she was talking to herself.
Funny, aren’t they, these young folk, these days? The stuff they do for fun.
I definitely know her. She was here years ago. I . . .

. . . would be honoured if you would go here to read the rest of this short story.

© N Nazir 2022

My greatest thanks to Spillwords for publishing my short story, flash fiction, whatever it is! It’s composed entirely of dialogue which was a new thing I tried and it started off as a bit of nonsense. Then I went back and edited it and added a few more lines and pretty soon it became what it was. It didn’t make the Halloween shorts but they published it as part of the general Halloween series and I’m happy enough with that 🙂 Hope you like!