A Poem for Rumi

How did you learn so much about love?
You praise the emptiness as much as the fullness and overflow.
You take me with you to the mountains, the stars you speak of.

Did you wander lonely in the desert for your Beloved?
What form did he take when he arrived?
Did you dance for him?
What honey tongue did he speak in?
Did you weep with relief and kiss the earth
or did you fall on your knees and laugh mad with joy?

You become orb, grow ever-wider as you spin like the celestials.
Perhaps you are with them. Perhaps you are here again.
Would you know how much your words have outlived you?

You span and span, alchemised
joined everything as one
became geometry
crossed thresholds of being.

You alone understood that the broken heart has finally opened
and the wound is only the knowledge it asked for.

© N Nazir 2021

Written for dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Prompt: Write a poem for/about a poet you admire.

*image found on Pinterest, artist unknown