Turning a New Leaf


New moon blooms
Out of the indigo
Void, gently
Emerging from
Meditation, like the
Blinking eyes of
Enigmatic gods in


*all digital photographs are my own, untitled, various settings, © N. Nazir 2020

I’m just glad Biden won, to be honest. Yes, the above poem is tenuously based on that 🙂 Plus, I just love writing acrostics.

Teamed with some autumnal shots from a recent exhilarating walk. Fresh rays bouncing off burnt umber and rustling ochres. Willow tresses in the wind. Light changing at any given moment. I always try for painterly shots, autumn being one of my faves. No doubt they are spectacular elsewhere, in the sprawling forests of Canada, for instance, in the yawning landscapes of Tasmania. This is a humble green space in Birmingham. Still, it can be enjoyed anywhere. Nature’s internal clock ticks, turns over a new leaf. The seasons are a beautiful constant thing.

November indeed feels potent with something positive at last. A new president, a successful vaccine, what’s the third thing? There’s got to be a third thing.

And how are you all? Thank you, perchance, for stopping by.

© N. Nazir 2020