A Poem Tree

Erasure Poem 24 (sketchbook 2021), biro & gel pen on photocopy paper, © N Nazir 2021

It is a bright summer’s day
I walk vigorously with excitement
an atmosphere of joy
following the Golden River

I am surrounded by expansion
a clear highway to wild land
a kaleidoscope of changing landscapes

All at once, creative forces collect in me
the real, surreal and unreal
I open up in surrender

Shared for dVerse Open Link Night

© N Nazir 2021

A Traveller’s Tale

Erasure Poem 2, (Sketchbook 2020/21), gel pen on photocopy paper, © N Nazir 2020

Remember only the horizons
gentle and winding
with passion
for how pregnant
the journey came to be.

© N Nazir 2021

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A Poem About a Man

Erasure Poem 20, biro and gel pen on photocopy paper, © N Nazir 2021

Africa, Australia, Peru, The Himalayas
Pure Romanticism and true wilderness
a deeply poetic response to nature.

He penetrated more deeply into the world
in full postmodern fashion
a friend of mine.

He is in tune with nature, fierce and primary.
His talent is walking, a process of purification
simple things, air, sky, earth, rock.

Solitary days of emptying my life is a complicated art.

© N Nazir 2021

*I am off-prompt today as nothing sprang to mind in response to NaPoWriMo’s prompt of the day (to write a poem for a particular occasion, for example, a birth, death, inauguration, celebration, etc).

So I thought I’d share an erasure poem I started last week and have just finished.

Also: I’m so delighted to have my poem from yesterday featured on NaPoWriMo’s website today! What a lovely start to the day it was ☀️ Though I probably should have mentioned it was about fireflies 😄