When the Party Turns Sour…

© N Nazir 2021
Spill, biro on paper, © N Nazir 2021

Let’s hang out today witH
Our kind, such a fine ideA
Voraciously, we could eaT
Enchiladas & drink winE

Shared for dVerse Tuesday Poetry Prompt with Lillian hosting: write a poem that relates to a puzzle in some way or try your hand at an Acrostic or Acrostic Plus.

*The full title of this piece is actually: “When the party turns sour because someone gets too drunk and spills a few home truths.” Ever been at a party when this has happened? It’s always either in the kitchen or the garden. Often, by the end of the night, everything’s sweet again👌 Most great plays have a scene like this in there somewhere . . .

*I actually did this piece a little while ago so I was quite pleased when I saw the dVerse prompt ☀️