Shadows & Reflections, Line & Form

© Simon Berger, Unsplash

we are explorers.
Describe how
it was when
you climbed to the very top
then drank it all in.

fills you out again
your band width.
Here we make garlands of time.
Yes.  It’s a good wind.


Chalk it up
to experience
how you caved
to moments
of chasing dreams when dreams were
taken.  And yet, oh –


vapour seduction
not easy
nor sinless.
It’s just physiology
stealing my senses.  


The hauntings
the shoulda, woulda
coulda, the
ifs and buts
the is-it-too-late.  And yet
a ghost of longing.


Point.  Focus.
Zoom in.  Keep still.  Click.
Frozen frames.
Light bouncing.
Moments captured forever
as memory fades.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where Shay brings us inspiration with Paige Ackerson-Kiely (words used: explorers, describe, oxygen, garlands, chalk, vanilla, vapour), and We’Ave Written Weekly, hosted by David, where the poet of the week, Sylvia Cognac, invites us to write a Shadorma poem (3/5/3/3/7/5) up to seven stanzas long, (it was on the topic of food but I’ve only just read the instructions properly so that bit didn’t happen, oops).

This poem has left the building

Deserted carpark, digital photographs, © N Nazir 2019

The prompt today was liminal spaces using the photos provided on the account with the same name. Not a single image on there spoke to me so I went through my own photos and found these shots from a couple of years ago. I took them whilst walking through a deserted carpark and they definitely count as a liminal space i.e. a space intersecting between two realities, an in-between place, emptied of its usual bustle.

The sun had just started to set. I haven’t really captured how vivid it was. I was literally enchanted by it. The symmetry, the blue shadows, the transient beauty. I was transported. Late summer light with an edge of chill. I was unfamiliar with that part of town and at a later hour it may have been somewhat creepy, but it’s funny how a moment of filtering sunlight and soothing shadows can dispel any doubts just like that.

Anyway, no poem happening today. I tried but it wouldn’t come. My poem is tongue-tied. My poem is not in words.

© N Nazir 2021