You Are All Invited to the Fantasy #Throwback Thursday

I am
beyond aerosphere 
to starbursts 
of promised land
I step into 
a celestial vault
explode into
a million moonbeams
no, sunbeams
no, nimbi
where am I
with Pi in the sky
no, some other cosmic abode
with diamonds
no, cherries
no, bijous
in the fat palms of deities

while the band surrender 
to the sorcery 
of euphonious
third eye plane 
my inner domain 
now the trumpet speaks
a conversation 
with the brass section
breaks it down
right down
and the brass goes yeah
I feel you
while the piano butts in  
but can only agree 
as all are one 
in the family tree.

I’m in the indigo 
swirling streams 
thought bombs
beguile my dreams 
while men float 
in ether soup
telepath me
in puzzling tongues 
the cobra
knows not the answer
yet trusts implicitly 
where to go
while the auricle
hears whole 
and separate
all at once.

My African dream
spins in the cosmic 
orbs of firmament
I’m a little bit
just a tiny bit 
to some kind
of seventh heaven
thank you
monkey man
you fathomed
the Sphinx’s riddle
sun god understands 
and the divinities
of fluent geometry
sense you rumble 
through Geb desert earth 
course across
Nut starry sky.

© N Nazir 2022

*Originally written last year for napowrimo poetry prompt for April 1st: to write a response to the animated version of Seductive Fantasy by Sun Ra and his Arkestra. I thought I’d finally share it (unedited) and kill two birds with a Throwback Thursday.

*Shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Mish.

Can I Have Extra Cheese Please? #Throwback Thursday

This song is my guilty pleasure. Not that it’s such an unlikely pairing because I quite like that about it. It’s Bryan Adams goddamnit, BA being all angsty in guyliner and banging the wall in frustration because he can’t see the object of his desire. For some reason, that really does it for me. Just stop it, Bryan! What are you doing to me?! Pacing the house like that with your sultry eyes!! Stop it!

And of course, the charming Mel C. I won’t hear a word against the Spice Girls. They were questionable in all the right ways.

Also, this is a banger! It totally works. It’s not just catchy, it’s actually good. You think it shouldn’t work, it’s not going to work, and then it does. Am I right? Go on, naysayers, say your piece! Having said that, I’m not a fan of Bryan Adam’s music in general. Though he does have a lovely gravelly croon.

What’s your guilty pleasure? (preferably music-related, please). Is there a song you’re a little bashful to admit you like? Go on, tell me. No judgement here 🙂

© N Nazir 2022

Sometimes There is a Hill and One Must Run Up It #Throwback Thursday

I don’t know why I have such a nostalgia for music back when I was a kid but this seems to happen more and more as time passes. And as we are in the midst of a Kate Bush renaissance, I had to share a song from the legend that is.

I find so many of her songs exhilarating (King of the Mountain, This Woman’s Work, Babooshka, Pi to name a few), as in, they make you want to fly. Or start running around doing pirouettes and high kicks (even if you can’t, which I can’t). I’ve been listening to this iconic power ballad a lot this week, as have so many new younger fans due to its recent revival as the soundtrack to the new season of Stranger Things. Which has sent it straight to No.1 and deservedly so.

Words can’t describe this type of love song, it’s so many levels beyond all others. And this is not a spoiler alert but the way it accents the scene in the aforementioned horror series is so poignant. The idea that a song can save your life is just wonderful to me. And why not? There are times only a song can get through and nothing else.

As an individual, she rarely seeks the limelight. It’s like she got a good chunk of her irrepressible talent out of her system by her 30s (whilst giving us an incredible canon of music to enjoy for all time), then occasionally pops up every ten years or so to release another album if she feels like it, whilst remaining largely a mystery.

She is also the only artist to be the youngest and the oldest to have a No.1 hit: at 19 with Wuthering Heights, and now at 63 with Running Up That Hill. Both songs were written and composed by her. I don’t really have the right word but she is beyond admirable.

Plus I only just realised what a marvellous ensemble both she and her beau are wearing in this video. If you’re grappling with some existential soul trouble and are on your way to heaven, dress accordingly and don a pair of Samurai trousers and a ballet top and walk through the pearly gates looking chic as hell.

And what, pray tell, is your favourite Kate Bush song? 🙂

Bolero  #Throwback Thursday

As a child, my first experience of classical music was this song. Bolero. I first heard it as Torville and Dean glided so winningly across the ice in dips and crescendos along with this powerful music and I experienced the exhilaration of it alongside them.

That piercing snaky clarinet as it starts to build up is something else (in answer to the call of the first instrument that leads in to the whole thing – is it a bassoon? I’ve never really understood the bassoon). The conversation between all the sections is epic. I want in on it. What are they talking about? One’s persuading the other to go on an adventure and they all add their piece. The strings step in and want to go too then the trumpets majestically pipe up and warn of the dangers ahead but the hopeful brass takes charge and soars with hope and, oh my God. I’m not sure who wins in the end but it’s rather like they all agree in one big rising wave of passion and set off together. It’s spectacular.

This piece personifies the meaning of crescendo. Watch this and tell me art doesn’t have the power to change the world.

I was never brought up on classical music, of course. My parents liked the traditional qawwali that was the folk music of my heritage, along with all the old Indian classics we enjoyed through watching popular Bollywood films. Classical music is something I grew to like kind of accidentally over the years and it’s not something I ever learned about. It’s an acquired taste but I think, a lasting one. Anyway, I can’t stop listening to Bolero this week.

What’s your favourite classical piece?

© N Nazir 2022

*By the way, is Throwback Thursday a thing? I feel like I’ve heard of it before. If so, I’m joining in! If not, I’m starting it right now! 🙂

When the Tide Turns

And I
said unto him
she shall sing, she of the
melting horizons shall sing the
blues.  He

turned to
me and said, but
the moment brings peril
there are demons in the wings, they
lurk, skulk

seek to
silence she of
the melting horizons.
Yet it is writ in star dust, I
said.  We

can do
nothing but bear
witness to her song.  None
can thwart the course of fate.  Yes, a
storm is

we must beware
but first she must take her
stage and break everyone’s heart to

© N Nazir 2022

Written for dVerse Poetry Prompt Night, hosted by Laura, who sets us the challenge to write…

…either a cinq-cinquain:

  • a series of 5 [entire] Crapsey Cinquains, 25 lines total
  • syllabic count: 2-4-6-8-2 in each stanza
  • written with or without breaks between stanzas

 OR the cinquain chain/crown cinquain:

  • a series of 5 [entire] Crapsey Cinquains, 25 lines total
  • syllabic count: 2-4-6-8-2 in each stanza
  • written with a break between each stanza
  • last line of the previous cinquain repeated as first line of the next cinquain
  • Note: The final line of the last cinquain does not have to equal the first line of the first cinquain, but it is an option.