A Heaving Petticoats Poem

It’s true, I said, I’m musically promiscuous
but I thought you were too?  

Surely we belong together?
What a gorgeous catastrophe,

you replied, how we flamenco like this 
but never meet, not really.

Then let’s rewrite the script, I urged
let’s go one cerulean afternoon

to the cottonwoods 
where the bees wallow

and make like a samba in the zinnias.  
No one need ever know!  Besides

I wore my peignoir for you
and the moment is already cyanic.

You give me some kind of all-overishness
damn you! you declared, but got up

gruntled, took my hand
and led me there.

© N Nazir 2023

Written for Shay’s Word Garden where Shay brings us inspiration with award-winning poet Alicia Suskin Ostriker, with the word list taken from her poetry collection The Crack in Everything (words used: gorgeous, catastrophe, flamenco, cerulean, cottonwoods, bees, samba, zinnias).

Written also for Sammi Scribbles Writing Prompt: Script, 100 words.

*This is really a belated Throwback Thursday 🙂 But has also been my earworm this week.

The Streets Were Deserted

but for a lone hobo and his dog.  
I went to say hello, it was on my way
after all. He didn’t look well

nor did the hound, who I petted anyway.  
Come to the shelter, I said
you’ll get a hot meal and a warm bed.

The hobo shook his head
they don’t let you in with a dog.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry. So trite 
to wish him merry christmas after that.

I’m sorry, I said again and gave him some change
little good it did, everything closed on the eve.

Then I walked to the shelter, huddled against the wind
late for my shift at the kitchen.

© N Nazir 2022

*Thankfully, this rule has now changed and dogs are allowed to stay with their owners if they check in at the homeless shelters over the Christmas / New Year period (in the UK).

Shared for W3, hosted by David, where Murisopsis, the poet of the week, invites us to write a poem of exactly fourteen lines on the topic of poverty (moral, romantic, financial, etc).

Shared also for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Linda.


And here’s my Throwback Thursday for you. I love this band. Couldn’t Care More by the Fine Young Cannibals from their album with the same name, first released in 1985. What have you been listening to lately? 🙂

A Bit of Fun

Collage poems & Erasure Poem #94 (Text source: A Primer for Poets & Readers of Poetry by Gregory Orr), © N Nazir 2022


*Shared for dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Bjorn.


*And here’s my Thursday Throwback share, an absolute classic. If you’re so young you’ve never heard of Salt-N-Pepa or En Vogue, then I hereby gift you. What’s been your song of the day?

*I dedicate this song to Bryan Adams 🙂


first I must sit here 
and draw
with the morning

out of this jungle of forces
in these here woods, he said

be alone 
than feel more alone 
somewhere I don’t belong

one might even 
find themselves
newly passed over

and climactic
nor too wild

we interpret death
as a brave afterlife
as talisman.  

Your beating heart.

© N Nazir 2022

Written for dVerse Poetry Prompt, hosted by Laura who invites us to write a poem using the last lines of the last twelve poems we have written (or the last lines of published poems from books or web links) and, whilst keeping those lines unadulterated, to arrange them into a poem.

I decided to use my own poems going backwards from the most recent, enjambing them onto extra lines, and rearranging them from their original date order. Most of them are published on my blog but a couple of end lines are new.

Here’s how it would have read with no tinkering:

first I must sit here and draw
out of this jungle of forces

with the morning

one might even find themselves
we interpret death as a brave afterlife

heartfelt and climactic
nor too wild

in these here woods, he said
newly passed over

be alone than feel more alone somewhere I don’t belong
as talisman. Onward. Your beating heart. Onward.

As you can see, it definitely needed reshuffling 🙂


My Throwback Thursday music share is Debussy’s Les son et les parfums tournent dans l’aire du soir. Because it’s divine. What are you listening to at the moment?