An Ekphrastic Poem

Blue with shadow and horns
slink-standing here, there
nobody knows it sings lullabies
that it scorns the norm
came drip-shaped in tardy form.
Call it a show piece
leave it out to dry.

Slip into a patois twang
make no orderly tongue of it
for who is to say
the world is not a chinchilla
or a beaver moon
or a kingdom in a stone.
This bluuuu has horns and a staff
and a sun grey shadow like a cat.
Whistle and it comes
pats you on the knee for a paw fight.

Some simple seeker
searches soul somewhere
in plains far from here
in the bough of a branch
in the trough of a cow dung
in the pillow of a small shell
left in the burrow of a herd
of soldier ants.

Report to duty
or don’t, it doesn’t matter.
The wilful remove the sanguine
and the mastery of time
remains nebulous
in the crook of your heart you swim
little nothings and soft comings
in the bed of your own making.

© N Nazir 2021

Portrait of God (from the Mutant Kings Series), oil, dirt & wax on canvas, Julian Schnabel, 1981 (photo taken from Met online gallery)

There didn’t appear to be a NaPoWriMo prompt today so I refer to one I missed, the very first one of the month.  To pick a piece of art from the online galleries of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and pen a poem in response to it.

I chose Portrait of God (from the Mutant Kings Series), 1981, by Julian Schnabel, who is probably more famous for his broken crockery paintings.  I liked the simplicity of this piece.  It reminded me of a minotaur.

I’ve no idea what my poem means.  I just went stream.

Thank you for stopping by ☀️

10 thoughts on “An Ekphrastic Poem

    1. Thank you!!!! It just spilled out from somewhere. I tried not to change a thing though I did tweak a couple of words in the first two stanzas. It’s actually a surrealist technique – automatic writing. Though it was meant to be ekphrastic.

      Appreciate your feedback 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! That makes it even better. That’s more of the style I like most times. I’d prefer to change as little as possible sometimes. But other times I edit like crazy. Guess it all depends, but I feel the starting point, the quick inspiration usually gets us somewhere great! That’s amazing this came out mostly on first try!

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      2. 🥰 Thank you! I usually approve of editing especially when there’s a word count for something, it can turn an okay piece of writing into a more lean mean machine piece of writing, if you know what I mean? 👌

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      3. Oh I really should get involved in more flash fiction at some point! I like the idea. Once this challenge is over, I’ll have a think. You’ve mentioned it before and I resolved to try and write some then, especially after reading your short stories. I enjoyed their vivid details and fluid telling. Thanks for the reminder!


      4. Oh, yes. You have to try. It’s just like anywhere from one sentence to maybe about 1,000 words, sometimes a bit more. But not very much. And you have to do a story in flash with all the power still of a story. You should read a few and then I’m sure you’d be able to catch on to it. You’ve probably done some before without even noticing. Flash fiction it kind of a creative outlet so there are many ways to do it. It’s a chance to try something new! That “Little Gifts” story I wrote was a flash fiction. Hope you’ll branch out to it a bit soon. Would be cool to see what you come up with!

        Liked by 1 person

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