A Cut and Paste Poem

Collage Poems, newspaper & glue (sketchbook 2021), © N Nazir 2021

Poem-making like this is fiddly af but I find it so fulfilling, I can’t even tell you. I had a whole bunch of things to do and yet my morning got swallowed up like this. ‘Cause I’ve got my priorities right…?

I also stumbled across this gorgeous piece of music recently. I always suspected I liked Debussy but now I know for sure. Ideal for poem-making.

Thank you for stopping by ❤

© N Nazir 2021

26 thoughts on “A Cut and Paste Poem

  1. Yesss, you’ve got your priorities all sorted out. Great! We used to send each other postcards made this way. What great memories. Thanks for that. And now Debussy is battling Italian Eurovision winners that amore STILL didn’t stop listening to.

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  2. Such beautiful collage poetry! I love the first piece the most for its figurative imagery.

    Of course your priorities are right. It’s poetry! That easily ranks above most things, that is, except food… or family, now that I think about it. Hmm.

    Anyway, great pieces. I should try this out sometime. It looks like fun!

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Lucy! 💕Today it did come before food and family 😂 I highly recommend it if you like touchy-feely creative activities. Half a line might jump out at you and then your mind fills in the blank.

      Tip: don’t sigh heavily in the middle of it, you’ll get paper confetti everywhere! 😊

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  3. Debussy is one of my favorites. You might enjoy Roxane Elfasci. She is a virtuoso guitarist with just a handful of recordings, two of which are Debussy arrangements.

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    1. Hey, thanks again Ben!! Your comments are always so heartwarming! It makes me glad to do what I do 🙂

      I obey all my creative whims whenever I can cause (cliche alert!) life’s too short not to! And this weird past year or two reminded me of that. Wishing you a great weekend, Ben! ❤


      1. So true. It’s a good cliche. I like cliches when used in the right situation. Life is too short: that is so right. You gotta get out of it what you can and hopefully what you want also. Don’t take too much for granted. You’re welcome!!! Hope you’re having all the warmth and sun you need over there! 🙂

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