When You Steal Back What Was Yours

I take the wilting flower, caress it to life again.  The only sign in this underbelly.  In a globe of dusk, I walk, camouflaged.  The puddles show me onward, rippling with night sensitivity.  Or the breath of wolves. Unseen, they pace in the alleys.  

I wear protection.  I’ve passed through Hades before.  It changes its face the moment you turn.  This one I have seen.  It can’t hide its truth, I know it too well, having fallen then risen.  Always it tempts me with falling. But it only made a poet of me.  Next time, my revolution will take some of you wolves with me. By the scruff of your transformation.

Galaxies stir above the broken crowns of houses like teeth and the street is deserted as I swoop through, tailcoats flapping in an unsure wind. Deserted but watchful. I see you too.  You’re wondering if I’m one of yours but sense I’m not.  Still, you recognise me.  Eyes.  Sideways. Everywhere.  

Time is short, I hurry on.  The window mustn’t close before I’ve passed.  They would thwart me if they could and I feel the softness of plotting in the night.  Their uncertainty buys me time.  I step over the threshold that burns with the holy traces for those who can see.

Come then.  Show yourself.  Cross over if you will.

© N Nazir 2023

Written for Shay’s Word Garden, where we are given inspiration with Michael McClure. Words used: globe, sensitivity, wolves, Hades, poet, revolution, galaxies, crowns, swoop.

Written also for The Sunday Muse, image as shown.

37 thoughts on “When You Steal Back What Was Yours

  1. Love this. Especially, ” In a globe of dusk, I walk, camouflaged.” and “Galaxies stir above the broken crowns of houses like teeth and the street is deserted as I swoop through, tailcoats flapping in an unsure wind.”

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    1. Dear lovely Manja! Sorry for my late reply! And thank you for your lovely message 🙂 Miss you too! I’m hoping to be back online as normal soon, just had other commitments for a while. Yes, I tried to keep up with NaPoWriMo and wrote privately, all very rough and unedited so I’ll look at those properly with a keen eye at some point. I’ll check out your Napo poems soon! ❤

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      1. I’m glad you were writing too! I wish you much fun with the editing. For me April fun continues: I have just posted the second cento out of 4 that are entirely made up of the last lines of Day 30 poem as written by this year’s NaPoWriMo participants. Too bad that I couldn’t see you last lines… 😉

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      2. 🙂 I look forward to reading it, it’s an idea I’d love to try some time. Never mind! I actually missed Day 30’s prompt anyway, I wasn’t inspired by it. Feel free to pilfer lines for your future centos, however! 🙂

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      3. I shall be watching avidly! I mean, Christ, I don’t watch it for GB! They’re always “nil points” anyway. Bet it’s Greece or Italy, though it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Ukraine again.

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      4. Were they second?! I barely paid it a blind bit of notice last year so that’s news to me. Now I’ll have to google that and catch up! Goodness, I wouldn’t know a thing without you filling me in. How interesting! My money’s on Slovenia… I expect an accordion or two ☺️

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      5. I’m watching it as we speak, Manja! I’ve got to be honest, I was quite taken with Austria’s Poe song & Portugal was brilliant. Switzerland was meh and Serbia was a little odd. I’ll keep you posted! 😅

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      6. I kind of spoke too soon there *and then Germany gets on stage* though it was less spikes and more one-legged unitards.

        Hope you don’t mind my running commentary! I’m watching this with my mum and she doesn’t quite appreciate the finer points of such high art ☺️

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      1. Well, that was wholly unnecessary. Y-fronts shouldn’t be allowed. My mum was luckily distracted by a phone call so didn’t see it.

        UK wasn’t bad at all! Now we’re voting. Quite impressed by Spain, tbh. Might vote for them.

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