When the Party Turns Sour…

© N Nazir 2021
Spill, biro on paper, © N Nazir 2021

Let’s hang out today witH
Our kind, such a fine ideA
Voraciously, we could eaT
Enchiladas & drink winE

Shared for dVerse Tuesday Poetry Prompt with Lillian hosting: write a poem that relates to a puzzle in some way or try your hand at an Acrostic or Acrostic Plus.

*The full title of this piece is actually: “When the party turns sour because someone gets too drunk and spills a few home truths.” Ever been at a party when this has happened? It’s always either in the kitchen or the garden. Often, by the end of the night, everything’s sweet again👌 Most great plays have a scene like this in there somewhere . . .

*I actually did this piece a little while ago so I was quite pleased when I saw the dVerse prompt ☀️

51 thoughts on “When the Party Turns Sour…

    1. Thanks msjadeli 🙂 Oh no, sorry about that. Alcohol, though 🙄 I used to have some neighbours who would often have parties and there would always be someone having a raucous debate of some kind, but fisticuffs only once thank goodness. I don’t live in that neighbourhood any more 😊 but I do actually miss the parties. Wordspills are definitely more favourable, perhaps even educational?

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      1. Thanks, Sunra, it isn’t a problem any more as I don’t drink with family anymore. I’m glad you got away from your rowdy neighbors. Wordspills are welcomed by some and dreaded by others…

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  1. Beautifully penned! I’ll join you on the enchiladas, and then we can watch the chaos. 😈

    Also, I don’t know why, but it took me forever to realize this was an acrostic. I’m blaming it on being tired lol. I love how with love and hate, it can carry an entirely different meaning to the poem.

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    1. Ha ha, thanks Lucy! You are most welcome to join. There’s honesty in chaos, I think.

      And yes, acrostics are a funny little challenge. I’m crap at stuff like sudoku but I can get stuck into a acrostic. I realised afterwards that hate is a strong word and something I try never to entertain but I was thinking about those tattoos bikers sometimes have on their knuckles, ha ha! And also how people can totally relax when around “their kind” but in doing so can say something that outrageously offends someone. Which can be hilarious, depending on whether you’re an onlooker or part of it.

      Thanks for your lovely comments ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Bernie! I’m so glad you relate 😊 I haven’t had a good party for ages, not since before pandemia began. And it’s all too easy for me to become a hermit too at times! I’m either one or the other! If someone doesn’t invite me to a party soon, I’ll have to throw one… 😂

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    1. Awwww thank you so much, areadingwriter!☀️. It’s definitely not straightforward to do a double but I’m pretty sure you’d be great at it! From what I’ve read of your work so far 😊. Wishing you well ❤️

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    1. Oh Gwil, I love your reading of the poem! The first two lines and the reference to “our kind” was sort of sarcastic on my part as in when someone is part of a clique and then does or says something to deviate from the clique which can make them unpopular just like that. So you’re absolutely right to be put off by it! Thank you for stopping by and reading ❤


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