The Washed-out Planet is Euphoniously Shifting

The impatient wealth of autumn arrives
as if just for me.  

The air I breathe is semi-liquid 
then let loose
rogue and wolf.
I am drenched 

and dry.
My feet like 
wet cohesions.
My pre-loved coat
a shelter of leather.

I borrowed my umbrella
from a friendly stranger.

Do thoughts gleam
like phosphorescence
in the ether?

They say moon rock is a sharp dust.
She is full-hipped tomorrow.
Tonight she fattens.

Β© N Nazir 2021

Photo by Ellie Burgin on

Written for Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Pre-loved, 71 words

32 thoughts on “The Washed-out Planet is Euphoniously Shifting

    1. Again really like the unique turns of phrase in your verse, that do three things…be deliciously with tone/flow/rhythm, and third can’t remember…is a pity, would love to read more, but realise I must stop otherwise I’m not going to look normal….anyway, will get coaxed back into reading a few sometime soon again.

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      1. Thank you so much for the beautiful array of comments you have left me, Ain. I shall swing by your blog very soon and catch up on your writings too if only to check you are alive and well!! God bless you ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s no obligation, I love your poems! I wrote one recently called What Else is There? which was totally riffing off one of your poems and mentioned you at the end with a link to the poem in question (it was the one used for a dVerse prompt but I used it to write one for NaPoWriMo. I hope you don’t mind!


      1. Ha ha, really? I love that. It’s surely a good omenπŸ‘ŒπŸ’›β˜€οΈ

        I’m not a mother but I have so much respect for anyone who has been through the birthing process. It fascinates me ❀️ You are clearly one very special mama, Amiga 😊


    1. Bob, tbh I’ve only just realised the extra meaning I’ve attributed to the moon in this last stanza! I initially had it in my mind to write the phrase “a thin-lipped moon” but when I checked the moon phase I realised it was nearly full so I wracked my brains and came up with “full-hipped”. However this now gives the word moon a whole new meaning!! πŸ˜‚ Oh dear. I keep writing in innuendos lately. Honestly. Anyway, I wouldn’t have noticed had you not mentioned the last stanza!

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