15 thoughts on “Daily Reflections #Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh wow, I love this one! (I am so erudite, aren’t I, with my oh wows lol)

    Remember when you wanted to subscribe to my blog? I have c/p’d this intruction my friend qbit gave to another WP blogger. I dont think he’ll mind me passing it on to you.

    So go to your Reader view in WP, then to the right where it says “Following / Manage”, click on Manage. Then where it says “Search or enter URL to follow…” paste in http://fireblossom-wordgarden.blogspot.com/ You should then see “Follow…” below the search box. Click on that. It will alert you when anything is posted. You can’t “like” or comment through WP, but you can know when there is activity.

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